NLB Event~

Had a tiring 2 days working for the event due to lack of sleep and long working hours. Woke up at like 7 plus while everyone was still enjoying their sleep and worked for about 11 hours straight each day. One of the most tiring event jobs so far I think @.@

But thank goodness people are nice and the in-charge is my nice in-charge from the Mercs event! Joanjoan and I were being assigned to the balloon station on the first day and I guess I am just very fated with kids~

Inflating the balloons was easy since we have the electric pump but the tying totally swell all our fingers! And we had cartonssssss of balloons x.x

Initially it was only us plus a girl whom we worked with during the Ngee Ann City event but I managed to ask the in-charge to send us a guy to help tie the balloons…hiak hiak. So Joanjoan and I decided to do the more slacking role of distributing the balloons! Met so many cute kids and even earned 2 kisses from a cute Caucasian baby! 😀

But the poor guy tied till his fingers became purple so Joanjoan took over~ In the end she also ended up with a plaster on her finger! Really hate tying balloons!!! Honestly, I would rather be under the sun in the bouncy castle than doing this =/

The event was actually for National Library but it’s more about online research rather than books and such~ But I personally find that the event itself was not informative or helpful enough because people were there mainly for the bouncy castle and lucky dip, not the exhibition which was located at another corner.

The crowd died down a little during certain timings and we got to rest our hands a little. Playing with the hats from the photo booth!


Miss Wizard


Angry bird!

Knowing that I wanna be at the bouncy castle, the in-charge switched me over to take over the guy who went for lunch break~ Yay-ness! Except that it wasn’t as fun as I thought because it’s a different castle from the one we had for Ngee Ann City event and we also did not have to be inside the castle to look after the kids =/

But less than 10 minutes after I took over, disaster happened! There was this boy who was coughing very badly each time he slide down and his mum was kinda worried for him. But each time he just insisted that he is okay and wanna continue playing… So one of the times when he slide down and started coughing very badly again, he suddenly cough-puked everything out!!!

In the end we had to close the bouncy castle till the mess was cleared up. Omgggggggg~ Then while the castle was closed, there was suddenly a power trip in the whole event ground and the castle collapsed! Thank goodness no kids were inside!

Back to my balloons duty for a while before we break for lunch~ I guess the only good thing about this event is that lunch is provided! Can save moolah~ Though I am not a fan of chicken rice =/


Toilet break!

It was only a short lunch break before we were back to tie the balloons~
Look at the damage! Our fingers were really RED and painful!!! Edge of the skin was peeling too. Felt like those girls in the olden days that bind their feet, except that ours are fingers x.x

Luckily the in-charge thought of switching our duties around because we had been standing and after another hour more of torture, Joanjoan and I got switched to the redemption counter! Teehee~

Redemption counter was easy because we just had to get the people to fill in the quiz and conduct a lucky dip then give out these old school prizes~

But we also met many yiao gui people; filled up thousands of forms to redeem thousands of times, and after redeeming, still wanna choose and change the prizes! Even Joanjoan noticed that the more yiao gui the person is, the smaller the gift he/she is gonna get from me!

And that place is full of a certain group of people, which means more gian peng gian sai incidents…Zzzzzz. One of them even stole our angry bird hat from the photo booth!!!!!! Can you imagine how gian peng gian sai is that?! Free must take, not free also take! Seriously buay tahan these people! *major roll eyes!*

Time passed really really slowwwwww for this event (for both days) and finally it was end of work! Miss Swee Choon‘s custard buns very badly but zero energy left~ Doubt I can remember my way there anyway D:

Day 2 was actually much better because we started off with the redemption counter and only the initial goodie bag-packing part was a little tiring. But the 2 guys with us were pretty helpful and I managed to hit if off with them after learning that we are all in similar line and they are film-making enthusiasts~

Lunch was chicken rice againnnnnnn and I accompanied Joanjoan to Saizeriya to eat while I only had side dish because I wanted to save money and just have the chicken rice =/

Spinachhhhh! ❤

Almost got changed to the balloon station after lunch but we managed to secure our place at the redemption counter. Just that somehow there was an extra person stationed there as well and I decided to go over to the balloon station, since that was the only one that looks constantly busy, or at least can look busy…hehe.

Turned out the 2 new friends that I made in the morning are also superrrrr crappy and you can imagine what it’s like being stationed with 4 crappy guys. They were just real nonsensical and we basically spent the remaining time crapping around.

The highlight was when this Sec 2 girl from a CHIJ school, who was there to volunteer as her CIP hours, suddenly came over to help us with the balloons and started bombarding the guys with questions about her school! Like as though we are supposed to know what’s her principal’s name, what’s her classmate’s other name, how many badges were sold during their school fair and etc!

She’s kinda cranky, like study until siao kind, which is really kinda what she looks like. The guys couldn’t stop teasing her by giving nonsensical answers and she got agitated for a moment, then the next moment she was like, “What’s the definition of Brownian Motion?” Like WTS?! We did not even come across that term for O’ Level!!!

She was seriously scary, I must say. But she also became our “joke” of the night as a result. Really had a good time laughing especially when she tried to perform her Chinese dance moves to us and suddenly did this 135-degree backward bent when we were talking halfway!!! I know that’s also one of my favourite pose but I don’t do it all of a sudden when people are talking right?! Seriously chua sai! And then she went on doing a sudden split on the chair which shocked us all again! Not shocked by her split but her randomness!!! I think students nowadays are too stressed. Parents, please give them a break.

But also because of her, we had a good time laughing amongst ourselves and more importantly, as much as her sudden “snap” was too much for all of us, we needed someone to do the balloon job for us! She was definitely a good helper, clearing most of the balloons for us willingly…hehe. Suddenly the event wasn’t that bad after all because we were all having fun!

Oh did I mention that I even bumped into an old friend – my library officer from secondary school (I was a librarian)! She is actually one of the staff from NLB now! Fancy bumping into her here (:


Origami from the cute boy!

He said it’s a deer but it looks like a dog to me~ They called him the future hongster because he is only Sec 1! Haha! He is so shy and I don’t remember guys being so shy when I was in Sec 1! Instead of asking girls for their numbers, he asked, “Can I give you my number” instead! Hahaha! Or is this the new way for the generation now???

Smiled till so cute some more…haha!

Really glad that I had this event to kill my time during this long weekend. It may not be the most enjoyable weekend but at least I met nice people, made new friends, had some fun and more importantly, kept myself occupied! More events please~ 累死也无所谓!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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