After nua-ing half of my Saturday off, I finally decided not to waste it like this. Super casual outfit; sling bag; passport; off to JB~! 😀

Haven’t been in such garang mode for a long time but everyone’s either working or busy with something, so I just gotta make my Saturday awesome on my own. I was even tempted to pack some clothes and just go over to “干爹”‘s house for a stay but as much as I know he will welcome me, I think buddy will also kill me for my randomness…HAHA.

But I am so glad that I had made this trip because City Square has gone through such a transformation since my last visit 5 months ago! They have this whole food street once you stepped into the mall and they even have 許留山 there!!!!!!

The only time I had it was when I was in Hong Kong and I remember the desserts being mad awesome! Just look at the queue! I wanna go back again to eat! The only bad thing about travelling alone is that there is no one to share food with you x.x

Some parts of the mall is still under renovation including my favourite shopping area. Boohoo~ So instead of clothes and shoes, I bought lots of food back for my brother instead! Mad awesome sister, I know. But we both had such an awful lunch and it doesn’t help that I hate bak chor mee so much, so he had to eat another half for me. HAHAHA.


I think it’s my first time buying macarons in Malaysia!

Managed to find this super cheap pair of shoes at RM10! That’s like S$4.15; dirt cheap!!! It’s not those love-at-first-sight kind of shoes but I needed a pair of white shoes anyway. So I actually went back for it at the end of my trip and it’s fated; it was still there, waiting for me~~~ (It’s the last pair.)

Loots of the day~ 80% food…hehe.
Sushi King, durian puffs, Auntie Anne’s, and I was waiting for my Share Tea! The yam ice-blended is the only bubble tea that I like but it’s mad expensive in Singapore ($5+), so I only buy it when I’m there~

Almost finished spending all the money that were left over from my previous trip with Sis and covered the mall in just 2 hours~ Time to cross the border back but as expected, the queue for the bus was pretty longgggggg.

Finally got back after a major jam towards the custom and I indeed felt kinda safer once I’m back. I mean it’s just something I feel after every single trip there, be it I went alone or not. Over there I gotta make sure my sling bag is placed in front, avoid unnecessary eye contact or attention, be discreet when taking out money and etc, which I don’t really have to here. (Furthermore there were so many rowdy youngsters hanging out in the mall there.)

But then again, this just reminded me of a conversation we had over at Xin Wang the other day:

Gek Peng: Siew Siew, what will you do if your boyfriend physically abuses you in future?

Siew Eng: Huhhh….. Errrrr….

Gek Peng: Just kick his balls okay!

Me: Yes! And make sure you kick the balls and not the bird. (Something that I learned from Kai)

Gek Peng: Yes!!!

Me: I am very well-trained for that because I have my weekly training on…. (my coach whom I swear never fail to irritate me EVERY SINGLE WEEK.)

Colin & Gek Peng: (at the same time and before I could finish my sentence) AIYAH NOBODY WILL DARE TO ATTACK YOU ONE LAH!

So much confidence coming from my dear friends, I guess I really have nothing to be afraid of then~ Can’t wait for the mall to complete the renovation so that I can make frequent trips there! I really wish Sutera or KSL mall is just within walking distance.

Well anyhow, once I stepped home, I witnessed this déjà vu sight of my pig brother literally hugging on to the biscuit tin and munching his biscuits. Trust me, this is definitely not the first time I witnessed this scene -.- I told him I strongly believe that he is a pig in his previous life.

And a very retarded one, trying to pull his filthy bear around in the trolley >.>


Like a boss.

I am coming to the end of Gossip Girl season 5 and I am so scared! Because then I have nothing to occupy my time anymore and season 6 is being delayed due to Sandy! DDDDDDD:

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