Disclaimer: This post is inspired by highly-confident friends who encouraged me to ditch my negativity (or emo posts, as they call it) and be confident (like them). Hence, I am presenting to you this post with my highest confidence and self-esteem and I will not be responsible for anyone being affected by any of the content below.

With great power comes great responsibility, sometimes this responsibility includes dealing with hatred or jealousy. It’s true that usually the protagonist of a movie gets attacked by the villain because he/she is different, and he/she dares to be different. It’s also true that in real life, people try to destroy you probably because they sense a threat in you; John Kennedy is one example.

Just a week ago, I met this girl who got so agitated when she suddenly noticed my teeth and asked if I wore braces before. My reply made her even more irritated somehow and she started grumbling to herself, probably because she had to wear to have her straight teeth. Oh com’on, we all know that life is never fair. You have pretty face, but you are flat-chested. You have boobs, but you don’t have the height. You will always be jealous/envious of someone for something unattainable by you. Suck it up.

Then just some time ago, I was also entangled in many similar scenarios of A getting jealous because her good friend has gotten closer to me; same thing happened for C a while later, then D. Probably E, F, G next. Now even my best friend’s ex (who is also my good friend) is getting jealous of me. Sighhhhhhhh. Can’t help that I am so awesome right?!

Someone said I am indeed very suay with this kind of things, but she also said that it’s because I am someone very special. Oh well, looks like this special awesome power of mine ain’t doing me any good. But then again, being jealous or trying to destroy me ain’t gonna make you as awesome as me, because I am VivianBee (:


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