The good of the bad.

Egg tarttttt from the retardddddd~ Rochor beancurd too 😀

Home-cooked lunchhhh on Tuesday~ Even have yam pau and egg tart as dessert! But in the end I was too full for them =/

Trained super hard this week that I am having aches all over now. Like a lao ren. Mr Lame said I have reached my maximum power for my kicks and the only way for a breakthrough is to shout while I kick…Zzzzzz. That’s so AA; everyone is just gonna look at me even more and I really hate people watching me doing my kicks or punch or whatever. But Mr Lame lovessss to ask the newbies watch me on purpose.

Sweat dripping and dripping during Zumba again! Haha! But every class is really so much fun! Only 4 more classes left D:

Surprise in bedroom set up by retarded brother -.- But it’s my most-excited-about parcel!!! Teeheee~~~

Parcels are like a little surprise each day (:
Anyway I am like a drug addict asking Yinning for whatever episodes she has for season 6 so far because I have officially finished all my Gossip Girl! –CRY!

Bad news: Only 4 new eps for season 6 so far x.x
Good news: I have found a way to KSL mall via public transport, all thanks to Siew Eng! Now I have a backup plan. Hiak hiak hiak~

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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