The memorable JB trip~

Die die die. I am soooo overdue =X
Backtracking to Friday~


Custard buns for lunch!


Hehehehehehehe ❤
(Oh please ignore the auntie wiping the table in background…LOL)


Pretty pretty~! I really wanna have my own Christmas party one day! 😦


Kid’s meal! 😀

Impromptu Trinity JB trip because I NEED to find something to do! Surprisingly Gui and buddy were totally on for it and yay~ LET’S GO!

But in the end, we had a very “adventurous” start of the trip. So adventurous that pictures can’t describe, so I only have 2. Hehe.

What happened was Gui was supposed to bike down to Kranji to meet us, but he somehow ended up at the custom without knowing that there is no parking lot there! So he had no choice but to bike all the way into JB for the first time in his life and ALONE! I was so damn worried for him especially when it has started raining pretty heavily!

Thank goodness he managed to find his way in eventually, though drenched, like really d-r-e-n-c-h-e-d. Knowing his pattern, I was totally prepared for a scolding since we were the one who encouraged him to come over despite him being already drenched in Kranji =/
We weren’t expecting him to ride into JB, that’s the thing!

Was surprised to see him smiling, though forcefully, when he met me. BUT, that was just the start of course. He started ranting about how pathetic he was and gave me the guilty-死你 look throughout the day. Even said he won’t marry me even if I’m still single at 40 (that was our pact) -___-“

But while he was ranting to me the whole scenario…

Gui: It was raining so heavily but right after the Singapore custom, I chiong-ed all the way~

Me: *stunned* Chiong-ed all the way??? You did not stop at Malaysia custom???

Gui: Nope. I only stopped once.

Me: Did you stamp your passport?! Let me see your passport!

So I flipped like 3987489327 times and there was no stamp!!! Only 1 from his last trip!!! I have NO IDEA how he managed to get in but I know things are not right! But since I was not in my own country, I may not know how to handle the situation. What if they ask me to 脱光光?!(That news you know you know?)

So anyway, reunited with buddy and luckily his parents decided to stop by City Square as well! Buddy’s dad stays there so he definitely knows how to communicate and handle this!

Went back to the custom and after much communication via his dad, Gui got escorted by the police (once again) and finally got his stamp! PHEW~!!!!!!!!!!!

We all kept joking about this whole incident throughout the day and we concluded that he is just not fated with JB! The previous time he accidentally brought his brother’s passport for our trip and already got escorted once! LOL!


Super late lunch, finally!

Buddy’s dad drove us over to Sutera Mall and due to the bad jam, it was close to night time when we reached =/
But I still managed to finish the mall and got a pair of shoes (again)! Haha! It’s like every time I go to JB, I come back with a new pair…hehehehe.

Ate lots of junk food – durian shaved ice & durian puff~ Satisfied! 😀
Glad that the “illegal immigrant” managed to find his way back to Singapore safely this time round, with a stamp of course! Oh well~ At least it was quite a memorable trip! Haha!


Bio char boh~

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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