Xiao Qian’s 23rd @ Canopy~!

Finally got my stupid fringe fixed over the weekend and brought Lyn to rebond her hair as well, since she had been waiting for me to do so. You don’t know how much Jiong and Sheng couldn’t stop commenting on my curled fringe the other day -.-”


Messy hair no more~

As usual, the auntie was very talkative and asked Lyn lots of questions which she was too shy to answer to a stranger. So I did most of the answering for her and auntie mentioned that Lyn’s curled hair is a result of pessimism and stubbornness (she strongly believes in that logic).

I do agree to some of the points that she said and when asked for an example of her stubbornness, I truthfully said something like she’s too nice to me sometimes and I always tell her not to be because I don’t want her to get bullied so easily by being too nice. Auntie said I am a selfish person and I have been thinking about it since then =/

I mean, what’s wrong with being independent or being able to protect yourself? I have never really understood whenever people ask me to “stop being so strong“. But she said the fact that I thought about “protecting myself” shows my selfishness. Hmmmm….


Showing my luo han forehead~

Off to meet my lovely girls for dinner! Had a super impromptu gift-shopping session with Nadine over the phone while we were at different outlets…haha!


Dinner at Canopy~!


Pizzaaaaaaa~ But I cleared most of the salad actually…hehe.

Before our food was served, there was actually a surprise visit from a cockroach in the restaurant! Caused quite a commotion before it was finally being killed =/


The real surprise!

The nice staff took out his guitar again and unlike buddy’s failed surprise, this was pretty successful and awesome! I mean I had always wanted someone to play something specially for me 😀

Xiao Qian was totally surprised (because we celebrated in advance) even though the other staff had already put the plates on our table before serving the cake -.-”


Pretty birthday girl!

Her favourite Rive Gauche cake! 😀


Making a longgggggg wish~

Presented her the gift and it looks totally lovely on her! I love it so much too!!! OMG. And just few weeks ago I was watching this video that says every girl should have a nude pair of shoes! I am still looking for my ideal pair~

As usual, got lots of overseas goodies from Nadine and Xiao Qian! It’s fattening to meet up with them! LOL.


Mahjong chocolate!


Harry Potter jelly beans with vomit and earthworm flavours!

Then Nadine suddenly suggested going to her house because she still has a bottle of lychee champagne and upon hearing that, I was like, “Let’s go~!” xD
I had not drunk a bit for the week okayyyyyyy~~~


With Nad’s sister’s Deyi uniform!!! So nostalgic x.x


The lychee champagne was madddd awesome!!! I think I drank the most! HAHA.

Dragged all the way till 1am because I was held up for interrogation -___-”
Haiyohhhhhhhh. I’m okay now at least, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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