Absolutely Chua Sai

I swear that the time passed crazily fast on Monday! Was helping boss rectify some problem with the media player over several phone calls with him and before I realised, it was 3 plus and I have yet had my lunch! =O

Luckily Reiko decided to call for McDelivery eventually and I tapped on with a McFlurry~ I didn’t know they actually deliver that! Yea so that became my lunch, totally can 做仙 liao! Haha! That’s what everyone always says about me anyway. But not bad what, cannot be 淑女 but can be 仙女 at least…hahahahahahahahahaha!

Was on my way to Wisma to change the pair of shoes we got for Xiao Qian because we got the wrong size and I had a scary encounter, which you may have read from my Twitter =/

What happened was I just passed by the train station and stepped into Wisma when I felt someone suddenly grabbed my hand from the back. Okay I shouldn’t say grab because everyone thought I meant the psychopathic kind of grab but it’s just that he kinda held on to my arm to stop me.

I turned around and saw a guy whom I do not recognise and I thought it’s those stupid model agencies thing again -.- I was ready to flee actually.

But this guys started speaking in this somewhat nervous tone and yet with an expressive script-reading face… Kinda contradicting, I know.

Guy: *somewhat nervous tone* Okay… I was actually waiting for my friend and I happened to see you… *expressive script-reading face* I just think you are absolutely beautiful!

Me: *???* Errrrrr this is not some prank show right????

Guy: No, it’s not some prank!

Me: … *trying to spot for his mic*

Guy: Com’on, I need to at least know your name!

Me: Errrr it’s okay……………… *attempt to walk off*

Guy: *disappointed face* No….?

Me: *walks off quickly*

Totally absurddddddd! I mean absolutely beautiful?! That’s just too much a phrase for me, not to mention that I was wearing some Doraemon tee with shorts??? It’s just absolutely insane!!!

I still strongly believe that it’s a prank show! Like those Just For Laugh kind of show! OMG. I’m gonna on TV! If anyone spots me please tell me okay. And any editor friend out there editing this series, please cut me out!!! T.T

Seriously chua sai experience. It’s not my first time meeting such 怪人 but this somehow scared me a lot! I think it’s his overly-expressive face (machiam reciting poem kind) and the fact that he looks like a 101% normal and not-bad-looking person.

Okay anyway, finally caught Ah Boys to Men after everyone has been raving about it!

It’s funny, realistic (story-wise) and definitely a great improvement from Jack Neo’s previous films, though the explosions and gun shots are still like omggggggg…. CMI. But I always try not to give too much expectation for his film; I don’t know if that’s good or bad…haha!

Definitely enjoyed the show nevertheless, but I guess the guys will definitely be able to relate and “feel” it even more. It also definitely makes me admire and appreciate these boys (and those who were once boys) even more! (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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