Work Out Days

2 consecutive days of workout always leaves me with aches the very next day now. Feels like a lao ren but feels good at the same time (:

Surprised that Mr Lame let me off this time round and did not team me up with the pros. Usually he would find every chance to sabotage me -.- Ended up teaming with that overly-enthu one and it’s quite annoying stressful to hold for kia si people. I think everyone who joins should be prepared for some injury or pain.

Anyway, the class used to be 90% or even 95% females, but nowadays, it’s becoming more and more male-dominant =/
Ladies oh ladies~ Let’s not give up on being strong!

Thankfully, Zumba class is still 100% females even though most of them have finished the 8 classes (we joined 2 weeks later) and new ones are coming in. Somehow I just feel more comfortable working out in an all-female environment =X

Stood so much more forward this week and that means much nearer to the instructor! Usually when you stand nearer you can see clearer and follow better. But I think it’s the opposite for me. LOL.

Probably that’s why the instructor asked for my name after class. He must have caught my tangled octopus moves even more and wondered why are these 2 girls still here?! Haha! No luh…he’s actually super nice, and next week is gonna be the lastttttt~ Gonna miss it a lot! D:

Decided to pamper myself and splurged on these sashimi! Yes, I confess that I am the kind that wait for the price to drop towards closing time then I buy (Gui loves to mock at me for that but I insisted that that’s being wife material….LOL). Nevertheless, it’s still a $8 dinner!

Sashimi, why you so expensive! x.x

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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