A mad tired Tuesday since I was suffering from insomnia the previous night. Horrible. Dragged myself down for training and luckily I was partnering with 1 of my favourite mates (the one that is also my Deyi senior), whom I had not seen for a long time~

Many were absent somehow and we ended up spending most of our time mimicking that super-enthu one. Even Mr Lame said she has this “slap me in the face” thing written on her forehead; I thought he should be very happy to finally have a student that would bow to him.


Well anyhow, in the midst of the first combo, I actually elbowed my partner’s face because her pad was not in position and her teeth started bleeding! My goodness. She is a beauty blogger and literally 靠脸吃饭, so imagine if I had knocked off her teeth or done worse damage =/

Woke up early this morning for my appointment, not IPL but a jab! Nervoussssssss. I have high tolerance to pain BUT I am scared of pain, makes sense?

So I finally got my first dose of HPV vaccination, which I think all ladies should go and get it done since you can minus one risk of cancer, why not? Cervical cancer is the one that took Anita Mui (梅艳芳)’s life away, so as clichéd as it may be, prevention is better than cure. Furthermore you can pay through your Medisave.

My fat arm feeling numb the whole day after the jab.
I have 2 more doses to go -CRY!-

Bumped into Shi Min’s mum and the very first thing she did was to hit my left arm, directly where my injection site is! I think she was too excited to see me T.T

Girl Guides cookie! So nostalgic~

Thank you to the one who came down all the way just to share this with me (:
I needed it.

Left arm was practically handicap the whole day so I decided to give Zumba a miss~ Couldn’t even push a door nor lift my arm up completely to take off my shirt…Zzzzzz. Heavy arm, heavy heart, but a different kind of heaviness.

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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