Standard Chartered Marathon 2012!

Had a long longgggg Saturday but I love it! Planned the day in advance and although things did not go as planned, I had a fulfilling Saturday (:


Lao Ban to start the day off! 😀

Was planning to finally go back to MINDS after my long absence but I did not go again in the end! Feeling kinda guilty… But because I was supposed to head to EXPO to help Mummy June with her cousin’s stall and I figured that by the time I go down after MINDS, it would only be left with like 2 hours before they close =/

So I decided to go down straight instead but instead of EXPO, Mummy June and I ended up in the airport -.- Because she is having her sudden craving for Popeyes! So my crazy mummy insisted on ordering my share as well and I just never get hungry when she is around~


Are we starting to look alike? xD

Finally got our asses down to EXPO and saw all the banners for different fairs there~

June: There! Branded goods fair leh!

Me: That’s not your cousin’s one -.- We are here to help out!

June: Aiyah…see see mah~

Me: 我是很热心来帮忙的!我不是热心来吃 Popeyes 的 leh!

Then we came past this L’Oreal sales fair…

June: Where is it ah?

Me: I think should be upstairs bah. We go up and see lah?

June: 很热心来帮忙的 hor???

LOLOLOL. We went but in the end we did not get anything. So finally headed to the right fair where her cousin’s stall is and it was actually a sports fair for the Standard Chartered Marathon runners!

Bumped into 1 of our NDP group leaders who was helping out at his friend’s stall and they were giving free massage there! So…..


我是很热心来帮忙的 x.x

Well technically it’s free buttttt of course they would psycho you to buy their products and June is a sucker for such thing -.- She ended up buying a set of the products and also 1 session of the massage! I knew there is no free stuff in this world~

The person tried to psycho me to buy as well but it’s obvious that I don’t need these products?! So I came up with a plan with June…

Sales person: 你呢?你要不要也买一套?

Me: Huh? 她买我用就可以了 mah…

June: 她是我的女儿 mah…

Sales person: *stunned* Ohhhhh! 哇真的有点像 hor!

Masseur: 她是她的女儿怎能不像~

The fakeness of sales people -.- But luckily I managed to escape from it! Haha!

It was yet another excruciating massage due to my super stiff shoulders and in fact this female masseur massaging me is like trying hard to kill me because I refused to buy their package…LOL. Feeling sore after the massage again =/

Finally finally finally reached her cousin’s stall but it turned out that they have enough manpower and even if we were to help, we have zero knowledge about all the sports products! =O


Me: *staring at this mannequin for a long time*
June: Why???
Me: Actually quite handsome hor?
June: *stunned!*

So in the end we continued walking around the fair and went to a book fair followed by some Malay fair…hahaha! By the time we finished, it was close to their closing time and we decided to go back to help them with the packing up! At least we were of some help eventually…hehe.

Packed till forgot the time and by the time I realised, it was close to 9.30pm and I was supposed to be meeting Joanjoan at 9.45pm! Rushed down to Chinatown and to make things even worse, I told Joanjoan the wrong meeting venue! -__-”

Luckily we were not too late for our K session! Finally get to sing again~!!! 😀 We were actually trying to find something to do before reporting for the marathon at 2am and K was the first thing that came to my mind. But I know singing on Saturday is gonna be damn expensive too (KBox is like $40 each!) so I actually called up like 5-6 different places to check the price =/

Just when I was giving up and we were thinking of a change of plan, I recalled this other cheap KTV place in Chinatown! It turned out that the price is reasonable and the timing is perfect! 😀

Sang for 3 hours before embarking on our walk to F1 pit building, where all the volunteers were supposed to gather. Collected our goodie bag, changed into our tees and Joanjoan and I were separated because we were in different groups D:


Got my red flag!


Sitting alone and trying to kill the boredom by cam-whoring~

We had been trying to request for a change in group ever since we know the allocation weeks ago but to no avail. It would be soooo boring to be all alone throughout! Can imagine me being totally anti-social and nonchalant =/

Tried to request for a change in group again since there is a new person in my group and technically if that can be done, I should be able to transfer as well right? But the answer I got was, “It’s too late for this“. I can’t help but rebutted that I have requested it long agoZzzzz. It’s a matter of whether anyone bother to do anything about it or not and not whether it’s too late.

Joanjoan also tried to ask her leader and we were both giving unhappy and emo faces to our respective leaders. So in the end, Joanjoan’s leader (who is the nicer one) came over to discuss with my leader and allowed me to go over! Teehee~ Happy girl again! 😀


Waiting for the shuttle bus! Time check: 3+ am

In the end the bus was delayed for like 1 hour and I was starting to feel sleepy while waiting =/
Napped all the way to Sentosa where we were stationed as the route marshals for the half-marathon!

But we had to take a long night walk to where our group is supposed to take charge, so we basically had our own “walking marathon” that night. First from Chinatown to F1 pit, now night trail in Sentosa! Haha!


Stopping by to use the washroom. Time check: 5+ am.

And because Joanjoan and I were stationed at the very last station of our group because I am holding the red flag, we had to walk the furthest~ Finally reached our station, which is right outside Festive Hotel of RWS! 😀


With my red flag and NDP torch! Hehe! Time check: 6am!

The red flag isn’t the same as the cloth one I got earlier on. It’s a bigger and thicker one that is made of a much heavier material, so imagine me waving the flag non-stop throughout the race! No doubt I kept switching hand in between…haha!


It’s creepy going into RWS alone at such timing to use the washroom =/


Scary-looking elephant! Reminds me of Night at the Museum~

Got into our position once the race was flag off at 6.30am! Exciteddddddddd~! Since our position is around the 5km mark, it did not take long before we saw the first 2 runners dashing towards us!!! Started cheering for them and directing them at the same time and I could totally feel the goosebumps once again when they ran past me!

I remember 2 years ago when Joanjoan and I volunteered for the drinks station, I had the same feeling! It’s something like feeling so proud of them (((:

More and more runners started coming in and soon, it was a continuous crowd running in! Cheered and waved my flag enthusiastically throughout to give my full support despite my arms really getting tired from the heavy flag…haha!

Feel really good when I could see that some of them actually picked up their pace upon hearing us cheering! Some smiled to me, some cheered along with me, some even said thank you! It’s really nice to know that my humble contribution is actually motivating them a little 😀

Was trying to spot for familiar faces at the same time, especially knowing that my childhood friend is running too, but it was quite a mission impossible because everyone was coming in a crowddddd! Thought I had missed him when I did not spot him after a long time but who knows eventually we spotted each other!!!

It was the kind of OMGGGGGGG-wanna-run-to-hug-each-other kind of reunion because the moment we saw each other, we somehow recognised each other instantaneously even though the last time we met we were probably just 4-5 years old!!! He was sooo ecstatic to see me that he even screamed my name and ran back a little to talk to me! Haha! So glad that I was able to be there to cheer him on!!! =DDDDD

It is quite amazing because my mum used to babysit him and I had mentioned before how I found him on Facebook after so many years! We are both the same age even though I had always thought he is 1 year older than me because his zodiac is dragon, but it’s actually just because he is born in January.

I do not have much memories of him (we were like 3, or 4?) except for one significant one which is him helping me to continue reciting my ABC to the doctor when I got stuck at E or F I think…haha! He has always been the smarter one and maybe that’s why I grow up telling myself not to find someone who outshines you too much…LOL!

Anyway, it’s really good seeing him again after so many years! He looks different from his childhood photo but there are still certain features that remain (:

The race lasted for about 1 hour plus before the last runner came in~ Somehow after cheering for 1 hour plus, I was getting more energetic than ever! Haha! Saw so many enthusiasts with funny gears and one even came in a Gorilla outfit!!! Yes, the full outfit from head to toe and I hope he did not get a heatstroke =O

It’s all these interesting little things that make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable! Finally time for a rest for my arms and enjoying our refreshments from the goodie bag while waiting for the rest to come over since we are at the last stop~

I think this year is kinda better because my shoes did not have to get soaked in 100 Plus for hours like 2 years ago, we did not get to the wrong location and end up having to walk extra distance and neither was there any major screw up throughout.

I guess I was lucky to have switched to Joanjoan’s group because her leader is definitely more organised in a way; I always kanna the lousy leaders…Zzzzz. One of the girls was looking obviously pissed with my leader when we all gathered, so I am glad I wasn’t under her throughout the morning =/

Anyway, thought we had to go back to Padang to be dismissed like the previous time but we were all dismissed at Harbourfront! Phew~! Was sooooo sleepy by then and I napped all the way from Harbourfront to Dhoby Ghaut then continued from Dhoby Ghaut to AMK…haha!

Tiring, but fulfilling Saturday (:

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