Bokwa, the enemy of bakwa

Sunday was spent catching up on sleep before I headed out to crash Shrine and buddy’s mugging session~ Was there to give my moral support, especially when I have not seen Shrine for like 2 months I think, so I better pay a visit before he dies mugging.

Brought my laptop to blog and a book to read after my laptop dies so as not to disturb them. But they ended up disturbing me instead -.- So much for worrying that I would be a form of distraction.

Cam-whoring while they were mugging! xD

Cam-whoring while they were mugging! xD

The rare time~

The rare time~

Had a deep sleep and I felt like I have not had such good sleep for a longgggg time~ Energetic and ready for the brand new week! I am looking forward to this week because everyday is pretty much packed with something, except for Friday and Sunday! (:

Spicyyyyy Korean lunch! :D

Spicyyyyy Korean lunch! 😀

Kinder Bueno, why are you such ❤!

Kinder Bueno, why are you such ❤!

Went for this trial Bokwa class with Mummy June after work and apparently, it’s supposed to be the next big thing after Zumba! It is still pretty new in Asia and we were in fact the first few that tried, apart from California Gym, according to the instructor.

It is actually more of aerobics than dance and the different sets of moves are represented by an alphabet or number. Of course we did not learn every alphabet or number, but the 5-6 that we learned was enough to confuse me! =O

I think this is not a thing for those with poor memory like me! Haha! I can’t imagine having to memorise the different sets from A to Z and 0 to 9! And I also realised that I am quite uncomfortable watching myself dance so I kept hiding right behind the instructor so as to not have my reflection on the mirror right in front of us -.-”

I guess I still prefer Zumba because it is more of dance and it is more carefree in the sense that I will not get as stressed up having to remember the sets of movements…haha~

Nevertheless, it is a good workout though I did not sweat as much because I was right under the aircon! Oops~ But it’s okay, will be sweating a lot more for the next 2 days 😀

(via firebones.tumblr)


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