Early X’Mas with PPGs!

Finally had my chance to try partnering a guy due to the odd number of females. In fact I partnered with 2 males and Mr Lame was one of them -.- Crappy as always~


Gotta stand on the platform because my other partner is too tall D:


Skin from someone’s super worn out gloves! LOL!

Get to go off early and head home for a good rest before I prepare myself for the next 2 days that I am looking forward to! 😀


Done wrapping my first X’mas pressie!

Had a I-don’t-know-what-to-say Wednesday morning and I wouldn’t say it’s a bad morning, but it’s just … I don’t know what to say about myself! What happened was I was planning to head out early for a good breakfast and I realised I left my keys in my room (we all have the habit of locking our rooms when we go out)

This happens probably once a month and that is why I have a spare key hidden in 1 of the DVD cases. But during my previous “lock out“, I sort of decided to change the hiding spot for the same reason as why you should change your passwords regularly. But the thing is I could not recall where is it AT ALL!!!

Tried digging through the whole DVD rack nevertheless since that is the last place I can recall. Spent my whole good-breakfast-time searching for it before I finally finally FINALLY recalled where is it! It was indeed not anywhere near the DVDs anymore! Oh gawd.

So just when I was cursing and swearing at myself for changing the hiding place when my poor memory obviously can’t handle it, here comes the worse part of the story – I actually forgot to lock my room when I went out just now. So, I actually didn’t needed the spare key.

OMGWTFBBQ. And that’s just part 1 of the story. No more good breakfast, nevermind. I bought myself 2 pairs of shoes to replace my worn out ones and I was happy again because it was only 25 bucks! Whahahaha~ But right after that, I realised I forgot to bring my Christmas gift for the night’s gift exchange!!!

Okay, enough of that. I really don’t know what to say.
Promised myself a good lunch instead and I did! Walked into Applebee’s and placed my order for the spinach dip immediately! Who cares if I’m having an appetiser for lunch~


MISSES! ❤ ❤ ❤


Strawberry lemonade!

I didn’t care about the splurge because I just wanted to have a GOOD lunch, but it turned out that it wasn’t a splurge at all. The spinach dip was only $3+! OMG. I am so gonna come down and have it more often now!

Had my last Zumba class after work but instead of Yinning, I had June with me! 😀 Cause Yinning couldn’t make it at the last minute and I was dreading to go alone~ Got June to replace her and I am glad that she is ever so on about any fitness opportunity!

Initially I thought it would be no kick for her since she is doing Zumba Toning, which involves carrying weights to dance and so on. But who knows after the first half of the class, she was perspiring and flushed like me! Haha!

The second half of the class is completely new to me and has definitely levelled up~ Even the cool down workout has turned from simple stretching exercises to planking and endurance training! =O

Planking is a total killer but I love it! At the last few seconds, my body was shaking and my butt was descending towards the ground, then the instructor walked past and suddenly “carried” my hip up again, which caused June to burst into laughter! Mad paiseh! x.x

But I am so glad that she totally enjoyed the class and we both definitely had a great workout! I am so gonna miss Zumba but I will be back soon!!! (:


Full House Cafe! Looking forward to the day that we don’t have to “secretly” cam-whore outside…haha! I MUST GO IN ONE DAY!

Off to Nadine’s house for our first ever PPG’s Christmas gift exchange! We brought forward our celebration because Yinning is going Aussie for holiday for 1 MONTH!!! Why is everyone having holiday! D:

As usual, Yinning was late and veryyyyy late, so we embarked on our snacking session first while waiting for her. Nadine is always feeding us with super nice overseas goodies!!! She even stocked up because she knows we are coming over! Haha!

Yinning finally arrived after 2 hours and brought along her 珍藏!It’s quite an expensive champagne and she had been keeping it for the right chance (and people) to drink! 😀

Popped my very first champagne in my life and it actually popped when I was talking to Nadine halfway! Hahaha! So fun~! But the champagne was actually too strong and gassy for our liking~

Wanted to make Yinning drink with this straw as her forfeit for being late but she refused! Haha! It will probably only happen during one of our hen’s night? The funny thing is after staring at it for a long time, Xiao Qian still could not figure out what this is! Then she finally asked, “Is this the male part or female?” –Faint!!!


In Nadine’s revamped room! 😀


PPGs & 小红~


Nua-ing together on her sofa bed! ❤


Happy family! So cuteeeeeee~!

Finally time for the gift exchange~! Can’t believe we never had gift exchange before and neither did we celebrate Christmas together before!

Sadly, Yinning forgot to bring her gift and we were all “praying” not to pick hers, if not we gotta go home empty-handed! Haha! But since I had such a suay morning, obviously “suay lang tio si suay“, she is my Santa!!! T.T


Nadine is my elf! 😀


With our Santa and gifts! (Champagne to pretend as my gift x.x )


Chocolates from Xiao Qian! 😀


Second bottle of champagne~!

It’s actually the same as the new lychee champagne that we had the other day but this is mango flavour! 😀

Again, I had the honour to pop the champagne because I seem to be the only one enjoying it! Hahaha! This was quite a skilful pop okay~ xD

We did not finish both bottles of champagne because we were all getting sleepy! Haha! I was falling asleep lying on Xiao Qian’s lap while the girls tried to interrogate me again! Zzzzzzz~

Considered a stayover at Nadine’s place since it was already pretty late but we all went back eventually. Would have loved to stay if it’s not a working day the next day! So good to nua together and have girls’ talk over drinks and snacks! ❤

In case you are wondering what did I get for my gift in the end, here is what I received from Yinning the next day!



At first I was like, “What the hell is this?!?!” But never judge a gift by its … wrapping! LOL! Cause I loveeeeeee the gift!

Yinning even added a “Disclaimer: I did not add the Victoria’s Secret after LF says she wants” cause I was just telling the girls how much I loveeee the smell whenever I walk past ION‘s Victoria’s Secret and now I got my first!!! Hahaha! Oh my~~~

And this big bowl of chocolate is meant to be shared with loved ones! So if you receive any chocolates from me, you know I love you. XOXO 😀

Finally splurged on this! Oh I loveeee my SIA girl! xD

Finally splurged on this! All thanks to my SIA girl! 😀

Happy girl~! *dance around*

(via firebones.tumblr)

HAHAHA. Nice one!
(via firebones.tumblr)

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