Masons’ Opening!

It was yet another day worth looking forward to and I was all dressed up in black and white! With curls some more! Hahahahahaha! Playing with Reiko’s hair extension and I look like a Merlion!

Off to the event that Mummy June invited me along and it’s actually her friend’s restaurant opening! So cool~! It’s actually a European-French restaurant located at Gillman Barracks and I think this was where the FSV clique held 1 of our gatherings at 4 years ago when there was still the beer brewery place around! It has changed so much and became a beautiful place now (:


Theme: Black & White!


Ahhh~ Hate my cat eyes!

Love that she always asks me along for such events! 😀 But she also tried to “sell me away”  shortly after we reached by introducing me to “potential guys” and asking me if I am interested -___-|||

I was kinda famished while June was full from lunch, so I whined till she eats as well cause I felt kinda paiseh to take the food…hahaha! Sooooo yummy~! Hehe!


Bar area!


Cocktail lounge area~

Everyone was mingling while we just found ourselves a nice sofa corner to cam-whore and chit-chat over wines! Haha!


Guests’ tags!


Exterior at night~


Desserts!!! 😀


Pretty money clip as door gift!

Do show some support if you are looking for a nice place for your date or for your festive dinner! 😀

8 Lock Road
Singapore 108936

Off to Han’s for second round and the crazy June started this whole 鸡-pie nonsense!

Me: What you wanna eat?

June: I want 鸡 pie.

Me: What CB?!

LOLOLOLOLOL. And I actually just blurt that out after the 4 glasses I had earlier on! But I seriously heard her say that! Omggggggg. And she went on sharing about this lady in her dance class who once bought many chicken pies for everyone and then she said, “我买了很多鸡 pie! 你们快点来吃我的鸡 pie!” LMAO!!! I wanna faint!

What a crazy night again with this siao char boh around! And she passed me so many useful stuff because she is moving! Finally got my bike too~! Teeheeeeee 😀

Nothing to look forward to for Friday night and I was planning to roam the streets till Gui finishes work again. But sadly, he was working till 11pm due to late night Christmas shopping period x.x

Managed to get buddy down to accompany me since he wants to shop to! But in the end, not all malls are having the late night shopping thingy and shops started closing when we barely shopped…boohoo~




If only Isaac doesn’t hate wearing bib! Haha!

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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