Hot Pilates!

I have sooooo many overdue entries to catch up on!!! x.x
So get ready to be spammed by them~ Haha!

Starting with the rainy Wednesday which totally turned me off and I ended up walking back to office to eat cup noodle -.- I think rain is nothing but a hassle and gao wei.

Hot Pilates class with June after work and although this time round it’s much slower and easier to catch, the instructor craps way too much. I mean I don’t mind, at least he is humourous and wasn’t as strict or stuck up like the other one, but it’s obvious that I did not sweat as much this time =/

So now I have to choose between nice instructor or more challenging class…sigh~ Honestly, I think I will choose the latter because what’s workout without some pain and endurance. Still hope we can find a class that is a balance of both though.


After class!


Still sweated quite a bit, of course!


While waiting for June to change~

This bad Mummy dragged me to Just Acia for free-flow ice-cream againnnnn and it seems like it’s a standard thing after class now! Deaddddddd~ I think the Pilates workout wasn’t even enough to cover the amount of ice-cream we ate! Especially when I am so good at filling up the small bowl =/


Lunch on Thursday! 😀


Ice-cream again!!! Hehe.

Was trying to seize as much time as possible for gift-shopping before the day arrives and I went all the way to lug home this heaviest present ever!

I started cursing and swearing right after I bought it because:
1) I rushed and rushed to reach 4 minutes before the shop closed!
2) They had switched off the NETS machine and I dug out all my money but was short of 60 cents! Embarrassing much but the auntie gave me 60 cents discount then.
3) I can’t believe I lugged it around to find the damn bus-stop and carried all the way home!
4) I discovered a few days later that another shop is selling at $11 cheaper! $11 you know?! T.T

And I am blaming it all on Zee’s shamelessness for telling me he wants a bag of Oxbow chinchilla pallets! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



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