Christmas 2012 (23rd – 25th)

23rd December 2012 (Sunday)

All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play but no work makes VivianBee a broke girl!!! So after much gift-shopping for this killer month, it’s time to earn some extra bucks again!


Transformed into Santa! 😀

It was only a 4-hour job for a kids’ Christmas party so it wasn’t sooooo much about the money but the killing time part plus the fun~ I am really fated with kids anyway! Haha!

Joanjoan and I, together with another girl and guy were in-charge of the games and prizes. It was supposed to be quite an easy job until the musical chair game came in and we gotta keep carrying the heavy chairs up and down the stage x.x

But had many cute encounters during the games~ Like during one of the games whereby the kids gotta scoop as many candies as they can and walk to and fro to put them into our stockings in 1 minute, there was this super cool boy who placed one hand in his pocket and cat-walked throughout the game! Hahaha!

On the other hand, there was this super whiny boy who cried once because he did not get chosen to play the games, and then cried again on the stage during the musical chair game when he did not manage to get the seat! –FAINT!!!!!!

Then there were also parents complaining because their kids did not get chosen to play the games. Oh com’on, if you did not win a lucky draw, why don’t you complain till you win too! It’s such sore loser parents that spoiled their kids and breed another “sorer” generation…Zzzzz!


The prizes~

My fringe looks super weirddddd now even after much photoshop! I think I have the habit of frowning when cutting my hair, resulting it being over-cut T.T

Joanjoan accompanied me for some last-minute gift-shopping for Isaac and I think I ended up spending more than what I earned in the day even though I could not find the desired gift for him D:


How I wish this is small enough for him!!!!!!!!

Joined Shi Min, Gui and buddy after that because they were dining near my place and I thought I could finally try the legendary Teochew porridge! But when I reached, there was only left with one piece of fishcake T.T

But I received a cute Rilakkuma tumbler from Shi Min because I have been using those plastic bottles which have negative health effect and such~ That’s such a considerate gift! 😀

Then they decided to get ice-cream from the supermarket but because I was saving money, I went for my cheap but delicious yam ice-cream instead. Who knows after I had finished mine, they insisted that I take their last stick because there are 4 in a box!

So I had 2 ice-creams in a night and I don’t even dare to count how much ice-cream I have eaten this week!!!!!!!! Fat die me. Fat die me. Fat die me. Fat die me. Fat die me. Fat die me. Fat die me.

Was chilling out till a beetle came to chase us home and while jumping away from it, I kinda stepped on an earthworm, BARE FOOT!!! Kill me please.

Went home happily wanting to try out my new oven and bake something for everyone this Christmas but realised I don’t even have a baking tray, how to bake?! Things were definitely not on my side this Christmas.

24th December 2012 (Monday)

Nothing really special about this year’s Christmas and its eve; no specific plans but just trying to spend a little time with each and everyone because it’s saddddd to have a lonely Christmas~

Started off with a good brunch (which I thought I took a picture of but apparently I think I really did not) before heading down to PS to meet Kai Bin and gang. Told the girls I’m gonna bring my boyfriend along and they were crazily excited!!!

In the end they were real disappointed when it turned out to be Gui…haha! Oops~ He was my boyfriend for the day you see~ The real one will come in 10 years’ time! 😀

Shrine joined us as well and we ended up having a present-hunt for Queena. Parted with the girls after a super full meal at Long John and Gui and I then accompanied Shrine over to Wisma to get his gift~


Pressies from the girls! ❤


Handmade gifts from Limin as usual! ❤❤❤

Each of us managed to find something for the Queen as she has been buying gifts for us every year and it’s time to give her something back (:

Off to buddy’s house for a drinking session which I kinda used my 大姐大 power (because I’m the eldest) to demand for full attendance…wahahaha~ But I am really thankful and appreciative that everyone really made the effort to come in the end, even those that don’t drink!!! ❤❤❤


Drinks sponsored; 2 more bottles missing!

Gui also brought 2 bottles of red wine and I wanted to open my Wolf Blass first…

WJ: Let me see, I know which is better!

Me: Like you know red wine -.- My Wolf Blass is definitely better!!!

WJ: Let me see! I know~ *took a brief glance* That one better! Where did you buy?

Gui: I don’t know, it’s from my brother’s wedding.

WJ: How much is it?

Gui: Free one, from the hotel.

And in the end when it’s finally time to open my bottle, my stupid buddy dropped the cork into the bottle and we ended up drinking red wine with cork bits -.- There goes my Wolf Blass~


And the game begins!

Started off with Dai Dee and when more people came, we switched to this drinking game set that buddy has which requires us to each say something related to a topic (e.g. animals that purr).

Modified the game into our own topics and I died whenever all the Korean dramas or Running Man stuff came out! I did not even watch a single episode of Running Man!!! x.x

Gathered everyone for a group photo before anyone KO!


I don’t know why I was squinting my eyes -.-“


Retarded Shrine still counting down on his watch! LOL!!!


Each of your presence is the biggest present ❤

Got addicted on buddy’s Long Flat Moscato because it’s super nice can?! Lots of craziness happened after that as usual; chilli sparkling wine and stupid conversations! Hahaha! What a merry Christmas~

25th December 2012 (Tuesday)

Christmas day was spent on catching up on sleep and blog entriesssss~ Was determined to finish up my Genting post before I head out to deliver Sis her pressie!

Last time when I was still a kid, I did not know what she would need or what her taste is so I bought her real useless stuff. I even bought her a soft toy/pillow one year and I can’t imagine myself receiving that now =/

But now that I have grown up and have a little more fashion sense (and money), I got her a watch which I personally think it’s pretty! 😀 Hope she likes it and fits her well! Hehe!

Off to SSC for dinner with Clique and finally met TCC’s girlfriend – Vanessa! I wanted to sing K quite badly after dinner and we managed to get a room in Teo Heng! Teehee~~~ Sing it out! Purge it out!


Welcome to our Clique~!


And is this supposed to be a compliment?!?!?!?!?!?!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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