Post-Christmas fatness!

Finally the Christmas season is over and no more gift-shopping headache! Honestly, there is just not much Christmas feel at all this year and post-Christmas actually felt better than Christmas itself~

Apart from all the Christmas chocolates and goodies I received, I had a carbo-filled Wednesday starting off with my favourite olive rice!

Then Strictly Pancakes for dinner and somehow the potato mushroom pancakes did not seem to look and taste quite like what I remember…hmmmm. Now I regret not trying the Christmas special Red Velvet pancakes! 😦 I missssssss 1-Caramel‘s red velvet!

Oh and on top of that, lotssssss of fries!!! =OOOOOO

I did not have training since last week and thank goodness I still have yoga! Too bad we missed the earlier class and could only made it in time for the hot gentle yoga, which is really quite gentle~~~

Even the instructor, who is the same strict one as first class, was much more gentle this time…haha! But at least I did not feel so stressful having to catch up =/

The moves were all rather easy to catch, albeit there were still a few moments when I did not put my leg high up enough and June was suppressing her laughter when the instructor came over to pull my leg -__-”

The downside is that this was probably the class that we sweated the leastttttt because it’s more about stretching and the basic techniques~ I think we shall endure and go for the extreme for the last 2 classes!


Cam-whore time again~! 😀

This time round it was me who initiated and we only took 2 photos because June was stressed out by work and was in a foul mood~

Knowing that I am scared of ice-cream now (only for this week…haha!), she agreed to explore other eateries and we ended up walking around PS because she couldn’t make up her mind what to eat -___-

Actually it was more of because what she really wants to eat is not what I would usually eat…

June: KFC!!!

Me: So we gave up on ice-cream for fried chicken -___-”

June: Aiyah…not every time mah~ 久久一次不用紧啦。。。

Me: *deadly glare*

Because she says that after every class, which happens like twice a week!!! –Faint!
But of course being the most accommodating daughter, I was agreeable to it and said I will just eat the egg tart. Who knows in the end she forced me to have a piece of chicken as well! Zzzzzz. Fat die week~


Angry Bird of the day!
(And she was wearing Angry Bird tee some more!)



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