The Oldies & Retro~

Was planning to finally go for training after a long hiatus but was informed that there is no more class until the new year D:
Well, at least I did not make a wasted trip down this time.

Knowing that my training got cancelled, June saved the Friday night by asking me along for her date to her usual hangout – Club 5! Gosh~ Even my mummy has a more vibrant Friday night!

Initially I was still afraid that I would “interrupt” their date or her boyfriend wouldn’t like me being there since I am not even going to dance -.- But it turned out that I was very much welcomed by Uncle Poh! 😀

It’s actually a club for aunties and uncles to dance cha-cha and all sorts of dances with the oldies music and I had already told June I am just there to drink! Haha! I really enjoy watching people dance anyway, and they are really good! Makes me wanna learn line dance and age actively even more!!! Hehe!

Since everyone is like regular there, they kinda know one another and everyone thought I am Poh’s daughter! Some came over to chit-chat with me while June and Poh were dancing and some kept urging me to dance >.<

I had to keep smiling throughout the night while I turn them down; sore cheekbones! It was a nice night exploring such places though~ Most importantly, my Friday night wasn’t wasted (:


In the midst of everything, don’t forget…

After a night of oldies, I got transported to the 80s on Saturday night and attended Broers Cafe year-end event! The theme is retro and hence they have this cute little corner selling the old school snacks (:

Promised Lawrence that I would be there but couldn’t find anyone to go with me in the end. Thank goodness buddy was free eventually and agreed to accompany me, along with Shrine and Gui who came later 😀


Belgian Chocolate Cake!


Caramel Mousse!


Old school door gift! (:


Outfit of the day?!?!

Played some old school games starting off with “Long Chiam Pass“, which I actually won! So I managed to proceed to the next round – eraser game. I know I suck at it but none of the guys wanna play for me! x.x

Then it was time for my favourite part – letting go of the balloons!!! 😀 Time really flies, it didn’t feel like it was already 1 year ago when I released those balloons during the last Friday of 2011~


Lawrence – the balloon man!

Since Broers Cafe is opened by my brother’s friends, his group of friends came down to show support as well except my 宅 brother -.- Even his good friend – Ray agreed that he is damn 宅!

Seeing the colourful balloons flying up high makes me happy ((((:
And thank you so much guys, for accompanying me!!!


May everyone have a HAPPY New Year (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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