Naughty Pooh!

Attempted to wake up early for morning yoga class to have a healthy Sunday and I could have made it, except that the super blur me counted the timing wrongly and set my alarm 1 hour late!!! It turned out that June woke up much later than me (like 30 minutes before class) and I thought she would be later than me, but she cabbed straight down =/

Decided to alight at Braddell and cabbed down as well but in the end the cab auntie told me it would be faster if I had continued my train journey or taken cab straight from AMK –CRY!!!

Nevertheless, she sped on my behalf and really drove like a F1 racer! She was kinda more kan chiong than me but halfway through, I knew that I’m not gonna make it in time (can’t enter class after 10 mins!) and I felt paiseh to tell her that she actually doesn’t need to chiong anymore~

So in the end, I spent $8+ to nua on the sofa in the yoga place while waiting for June to finish her 90-minute class -.- Well, at least the sofa was really comfy! *自我安慰* But I decided to register for the next class since I was already there and I did not wanna waste my trip down.

First time going for class alone; no one to cam-whore with me after that D:
But at least I kinda like the class and the new instructor. She is pretty young and at first I thought she wouldn’t be so good, but she was really nice and detailed about the steps and I could really feel the stretch from the poses this time.

The good thing about those advance class that we attended is that it really makes you sweat like crazy because of the difficulty level and also the speed of the whole class. But a faster pace also means that you would be busy trying to catch up with the steps and most of the time you may not be doing it correctly or effectively.

This class was just nice because the pace is not too fast (nor too slow), the poses are manageable and the instructor is nice! Of course it’s also because there were only 4 of us and she could go around correcting our posture and etc.

Visited the naughty boy after that and he was trying to snatch my phone again~~~

Dinner at Sakae Sushi and I was busy trying a bit from each dish that I did not take any pictures at all! Oops~ But it was indeed a “full-filling” dinner! Haha!


Naughty boy driving!


“I am a fast and furious driver!”


*Bu~ Bu~*


On the swing chair!

I guess the supermarket is one of his favourite places because there are so many things on the shelves and if he could, he would have taken everything down!


Snatching my phone again *pinch cheeks!*


Mouth itchy again~


I am Little Pooh! 😀

Funny faces that he makes randomly~





The in-law was telling Sis that he had missed his milk timing and upon hearing the “milk” word, the naughty boy started throwing a tantrum and wailing out loud, demanding for his milk! This boy is too smart for his own good! Haha!


Cho~ naughty Pooh!


Virgin use! 😀

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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