New Year’s Eve as 啤酒妹~

Half-day work on the New Year’s eve but it did not make much difference anymore when the rain came pouring down -.- Got stuck in office and got really really bored but decided to just leave even though I had nowhere to go.

Cabbed down to Mummy June’s house because the rain was making me even more depressed and I did not wanna make it worst with the wet shoes and everything. You don’t know how much I hate getting my shoes wet!

Did not wanna spend another festive occasion having nothing to do and feeling so sad about it, we both decided to accept the job offer at one of her friends’ restaurant bar – Wings! It’s actually opened by the same capable young woman who opened Masons! (:

We were both so nervous before the work because it’s after all my first time doing F&B! Remember orders is definitely gonna be both our weakness and imagine having to deal with nasty customers; we were really afraid that we would screw things up!!!

Luckily the staff were all pretty nice to us and upon reaching, we were given our uniforms to get changed while they prepare some food for us~ The uniform was the only thing June is excited about whereas it was the opposite for me -.- Cause I know what kind of outfit doesn’t look good on me and this is one of them!

Furthermore, the uniform is superrrrr small!!!

Me: I don’t know if I can fit M or not leh… If I really can’t fit how?! OMG~ I have no face to ask for L =/

June: If you really cannot fit M, I’m gonna put you on diet liao.

Me: What a stressful start of a job!

Thank goodness I made the right choice to wear corset to flatten my boobs and managed to squeeze into the uniform…Zzzzzz.


Changed! (:

Mozzarella sticks and their signature wings~!
The serving was way too much for 2 and it doesn’t help that June was feeling overly nervous and started losing her appetite -.-”

Felt kinda paiseh to have the staff serving us when we were supposed to be there to work, so we had a quick bite before getting briefed. Everyone has their designated duties and I was assigned to sell takeaway beer right outside the restaurant! Phew~!!! Don’t have to remember orders!!! 😀

A huge relief for me but not so much for June because she was in-charge of serving the drinks and that means she gotta deal with table numbers and on top of that, knowing what drink is what drink so that she can serve them correctly =/

Once the people started coming in for dinner, she did not even get to have a break whereas I was catching flies outside because it was still too early to drink~ Was still rather nervous nevertheless but luckily another part-time girl was assigned with me to sell takeaway food! Hehe!


My beer station~

Me: Hi sir, would you like to have some takeaway beer?

Caucasian man: Take what away?

Me: Take the beer away~

Caucasian man: Ohhhh~ I thought I could take you away!


More and more people started coming to buy after I made my first sale and I had to run to and fro the cashier to get change. Most of the time, the cashier would be busy with the dine-in orders so I had to wait to get my change… But everyone was in a kanchiong-spider mode (because we were full house) and it’s kinda a dilemma between rushing your colleague (and offending them) or making your customer wait =/

Luckily none of them really scolded me and most were in fact quite polite and patient! One Caucasian man even treated me to a bottle of Heineken after I convinced him to buy 4 bottles when they only have 3 people…haha!

We had the countdown party right in front of us and it became really really crowded towards midnight! My drinks were selling fast and I can probably break some record for opening the most number of bottles in a night! LOL. Initially I was still afraid I wouldn’t know how to use the opener but I am a pro now! xD

Spent the last minute of 2012 squeezing through the crowd and shouting, “Excuse me!!! Please do not block the entrance!” because everyone was crowding around the entrance of our restaurant to watch the concert and I had a hard time squeezing in and out to the cashier!!!

Witnessed New Year kisses around me when the clock struck 12 (:
I had a New Year hug instead because I was at the cashier waiting for my change and in the midst of counting money, the girl turned and gave me a big hug! Hahaha!

The sale finally slowed down at close to 2am and I could finally have some time to cam-whore! xD

Poor Mummy was still rather busy and every time I turned my head to look for her, she would be busy delivering drinks, collecting bills or clearing the tables! She kept saying “Jia Pai Tan (very hard to earn)” and she wanna cry x.x
It’s indeed true that my job scope was so much more xian lang (relax) than hers!

Kept asking her to for toilet breaks to at least rest her feet but she refused~ It was only until the crowd has dispersed then she joined me to cam-whore for a while! Love this photo of us! ❤❤❤

Some of the part-timers left at 3am and we wanted to leave as well, but because they were short-handed, the in-charged pleaded us to stay till 4am. Somehow we weren’t really tired anyway, but once we ended work, we started to feel the tiredness! Couldn’t wait to get home and KO!

Luckily June’s boyfriend actually came all the way down at such hours to fetch us! The cab queue was mad longgggggg and not to mention the aftermath of the party – drunkards lying around everywhere -.-”

Thank goodness everything went quite well for the night and there was no major hiccups! I’m glad that at least this year’s New Year’s eve is something memorable after spending it on my own for the past 2 years. At least I had lots of people saying “Happy New Year” to me and although I wasn’t really happy, I am thankful for the warmth I felt (:

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If only this can be a New Year resolution.
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