Spent the New Year like catching up on sleep before waking up with this sudden urge to clear some clothes. My wardrobe is getting way too full and close to half of it is occupied with things that I no longer or seldom wear =/

Like skirts that I wore since poly days but they are way too big now. I have the tendency to keep them thinking that I mayyyy still wear them one day but I realised that’s like telling myself you’re gonna become fat like that again.


Still fat, but not as fat.

So while June is clearing her wardrobe and giving away her skirts because she can’t fit them anymore (and has no determination to do so either), I decided to do the otherwise! Haha!

Got convinced to go over buddy’s house to join them after Shrine surprisingly offered to pay 10 bucks to get my Moscato!!! They were trying to finish their carton of beers left from the previous night and so it was Circle of Death and all~

Doesn’t feel like it’s a new year again! I guess that’s partly because nothing much really happened this year so it felt like it has been a waste of time not been 1 year.

The major things that happened are probably going back to MINDS again after yearsssss of absence (though I am absent again ever since NDP practice started), fulfilling my dream of visiting Japan, and sharing the bliss of TWO couples in one of their most memorable days of life (((:

I wouldn’t say that it has been a fantastic year for me; there just wasn’t anything so fantastic about it. But I do feel sad that it has ended because I don’t know what more changes lie ahead in this new year. As much as Aries dislikes stagnancy, I do hate changes some times too. But I truly hope 2013 will be a fantastic one; it’s time for some sparks in life!!! It’s after all MY year *hiss*

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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