Hot Hatha & Hobbit!

Impromptu brunch on the first day of work of 2013! 开工大吉~ Huat ah! 😀

The huge plate of carrot cake managed to last me till the night and it was hot yoga time again! Our first time attending Hot Hatha and also our first time with this female instructor~

I think it’s because we stood at the right spot – the same one as our very first class and sweated like crazy again! I think that’s the hottest spot and I shall make sure I stand there the next class too!!!

Super shiok even though I think I did not really stretch as much as my previous class. The pace is fine and the instructor is nice too, but something is just amiss…hmmmmm.

But anyway, as long as we sweat it out! Loveeee the feeling of the sweat dripping and dripping off my hair! 😀
Yay~! Cam-whore time again!


Now she is physically and mentally siao!


In a cam-whore mood!


Advertising for Marigold! Haha!

Left Just Acia out of the list because June said she wanna have something healthy (and we know we can’t resist the free-flow ice-cream there!). In the end, she had beef noodle, which she insisted that it’s healthy because it’s beef + noodle. On top of that, an ice kachang, because it’s just ice + red beans -_____-|||

She even mentioned about having prata initially, which then made me crave for it. But I am much better, I endured my craving till the next day and had it for lunch at her house area! 😀

She was surprised that I eat prata because I am always discouraging her from eating those unhealthy food. But I am a huge fan of prata! Or rather, the curry! Hehe!

Probably one of the last few person to watch Hobbit and I have actually not watched a single bit of Lord of the Ring! Yes, that’s like saying I have never watched Star Wars (which kinda shocked everyone back in FSV).

Well anyway, luckily I could still understand the whole story and enjoy the excitement of it. But I am kinda angry that the hobbit refuses to wear the ring during the fight! I was like screaming in my head, “Wear the ring!!! Faster wear the ring luh!

But like what my brother said, the story wouldn’t be a trilogy if everything was made so easy and convenient. Like how the eagle could have easily flown them to the Lonely Mountain at the end but did not -.-”

Finally got my Swee Choon custard buns and although I had already bought half a dozen back, I still couldn’t help but buy 1 more when I saw it at somewhere else…haha! How can one ever resist~

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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