Me-day & JB~

Spent my Saturday by having some ME-time and finally got my lashes permed again!

I actually bought this deal monthssss ago when Groupon had this $8 discount on any purchase thingy~ It’s such a waste not to use it and I chanced upon this eyelash perming deal! So in the end I only paid like 4 bucks for it, and it even comes with a free eyebrow trimming! Super good deal! 😀

I figured that since I usually don’t sign any packages from them, I shall write some (honest) reviews for all the deals that I bought instead. I mean it’s really beneficial for me whenever I am doing my research before buying any deals and I get to read all these reviews beforehand~

So anyway, the place is located at Duxton Road (near Tanjong Pagar) and I was expecting it to be some ulu shabby beauty salon, but it turned out to be quite posh!

The beautician who attended to me is also quite nice and when I opted for the normal perm instead of the dolly perm which I wanted initially (because it requires a top-up of $18), she was not pushy about it (:

The whole session took about an hour and I did not experience any discomfort. I think she is pretty good at it because the previous 2 times when I did it, I did feel a little pain but not at all this time!

But for the eyebrow trimming, since it is free and since I have been maintaining my brows on my own, I think the beautician did not really pay as much attention to it. My usual inuovi place does a better job for that I think~

As for the eyelash perming, I am definitely satisfied with it! Although it’s not the dolly curl, which is supposed to be more curl than the normal one, I am surprised that the result is still pretty curled! Love it! 😀

After the session, the beautician did recommend a few products to me and ask if I am interested in signing their package for eyelash perming. But after I rejected her a few times, she was okay and not really pushy about it.

Would definitely recommend if anyone is interested in getting their lashes permed! But it is quite pricey (close to Browhaus), so do give them a call to check out the price first (:

Micara My Face Pte Ltd 
57 Duxton Road
Singapore 089521
Tel: +65 6327 3373

Off to explore the martini cakes cafe that I have been wanting to visit since it’s around the area, but sadly, it has closed down! It’s now left with an empty shop with the signboard and there were a few people clearing things, so it probably closed down not too long ago DDDDD:

Super super sad!!! I still have a list of cafes and places that I wanna visit and I guess I should really start soon 😦 Decided to head over to The Loft instead for their yummilicious waffle which I miss!


Hot chocolate is the great companion of a good book (:


My Saturday companions~

Mr Ow was the one who recommended me this place because he said it’s a good place for reading and indeed! Stayed for more than 2 hours to read there and the staff hardly disturbed me~

The waffle wasn’t quite filling so I actually ordered another salad later on! Funny how I started with dessert and ended with appetiser…haha! It’s a hugeeee bowl, but thank goodness I am a big fan of salad 😀

Dropped by to get my favourite egg tart before heading home! One of the things I miss about Chinatown~


Lighting up for the festive!


Pout; smile; smirk.


Kuma is saddddd ╯︿╰

Tried to kill a little more time by walking to Clarke Quay bus-stop and happened to pass by the renovated Chinatown Point. Decided to go in to take a look and it is a major makeover! It used to be an ulu mall that people hardly visit but it is so much more convenient now with an NTUC and even Daiso is there =O

So that somehow marked the end of my Me-day~ Was thinking of having another Me-day on Sunday by crossing the border because I really didn’t want my weekend to be even more boring. I mean rotting at home VS going out on my own, I would definitely choose the latter.

But just nice that Jeong was desperate to get his shower foam there, he could serve as my bodyguard! Haha! Since no one else could make it, we decided to go ahead on our own~ 爽快!

Headed straight to KSL first and since I already had my lunch, I only ordered some side dish~


Ice Horlick!

Then I insisted on finishing every inch of the mall this time round, so the poor Jeong ended up accompanying me around for shopping! Haha! But I think he enjoyed giving all the critics (he calls it fashion opinion) about the clothes -__-”

Me: *picks up a pair of shoes*

Jeong: *immediately* No.

Me: Tsk. Stop being so judgmental! That’s why I like to shop alone -.-”

Jeong: Okay, I shall keep my mouth shut from now on.

Me: *picks up something else*

Jeong: No.

LOL. I think he just can’t help it! And every time I get excited over some really cute stuff (e.g. Rilakkuma bag or monkey bag), he would be give me that frown and the immediate “No” again. I told him he is way too serious and that he needs some Hello Kitty in his life too xD

Bought a cheap and pretty bag pack in the end, which I have been wanting to get one for short trips and stuff! Then we happened to pass by the cinema and Jeong came up with the idea of catching a movie~

Super impromptu but we were both very 爽快; bought the tickets for CZ12 which is showing in 20 minutes’ time! Haha!



Super cheap tickets anyway! Even cheaper than our weekday tickets after Passioncard discount! And the movie was definitely worth the 5 bucks (RM 12), though a bit draggy~

Finished off the mall and by the time we went back to City Square, it was already 9pm O.O
I thought since it’s just the 2 of us, we would probably finish the trip in just a few hours but in the end, we actually spent the entire day there!

Poor Jeong really walked with me for the whole day…haha! But I also sacrificed and inhaled some second-hand smoke okay~ I told him I think my life shortened by 5 years after the trip -.-”

But it was a nice day out because we were crapping around throughout and I also got to explore the areas out of the mall, since he knows the place quite well (and also looks like a convincing bouncer)…LOL. Super shagged after a whole day of shopping though!

(via lifeliveson.tumblr)


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