A Break~

It’s the weekend again and as much as I have nothing much to look forward to, I think I need this break. Finally explored this new cafe in Sin Ming which I have been wanting to check out, or rather, I promised Lawrence that I would and I finally did! Haha!

It is not located at somewhere that people will commonly pass by and it may be a little hard to find for some because the place is not fully opened yet. But those sick of Prata House or other chill-out places in Thomson may wanna check out this cafe – Pandelicious!

It is a spacious cafe so don’t worry about not being able to get a seat. In fact once you got a seat, you may not wanna get up because it is a beautiful cafe with super comfy sofa! 😀

Dragged buddy and Gui down to accompany me since they had nothing to do as well and I whined about missing Trinity outings! Haha! So while waiting for them, I got myself a Pan-Trifle, which I had already been attracted to its photo on the menu the first time Lawrence showed me! Hehe!

It’s a mixture of berries and cake and I like it! Then buddy arrived and he ordered something which I said I was considering to order just now – Pan-lemony! And OMG, it is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! We both love sour stuff so we really like the taste of this warm pancake stuffed with lemon curd, complimented with a scoop of ice-cream!

Gui’s Pan-tella would have been equally good if his pancake is warm as well~ But I’m not sure if it was supposed to be warm =/

Stayed pretty long there before I accompanied the guys to have their dinner in Long House. Would definitely go back there again for the Pan-lemony and to try other food next time round!

Pandelicious Cafe
11 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V Two #B1-30
Singapore 575629

Woke up earlier than my working days on a Sunday morning because it is time for Zumba again! Not the same Golden Mile one but another Zumba package that the kiasu Mummy actually bought -.- And because she has way too many classes now packing up her weekdays, I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep on a Sunday! @.@

It was at yet another ulu (and sleazy) place – Pearl Centre! The late queen was late again and by the time we went in, the class has started. It did not feel like a Zumba class initially but more of an aerobics workout. Everything was going rather fast and I was basically just trying hard to follow the moves in my half-asleep mode.

Then gradually I started to see some Zumba moves that I am familiar with (:
But I think I still prefer my previous Zumba place because the instructor really gave us the chance to catch the steps by starting at a slower beat for maybe 4 times, before doubling it to the right pace.

This class was really fast throughout and many times I still could not catch the steps, so it was basically just following. And I think other than the Zumba moves, they also incorporated some Korean pop and MTV moves~ Did not sweat as much as my previous Zumba class nor the Zumba Toning class, but June was rather drenched.


After class! 😀


Towel headband again!


The effect of lack of sleep!

Rushed June for her chee cheong fun because Isaac’s coming over and in the end she decided to come over to see Isaac as well! Everyone is attracted to the naughty boy just by his photographs! Haha!

She was trying so hard to lure him over to take a photo with her but failed rather badly because Isaac just can’t keep still! So out of desperation, she resorted to “forcing” him into taking one! LOL! Look at my poor baby trying so hard to struggle away!

Well, at least her wish was fulfilled before she left shortly after to meet Poh xD
The naughty boy has grown taller and hence could reach for more things now, so it was time to wreck Yiyi’s room again! *cheeky giggles*

He actually remembers all the areas in my room that have things for him to wreckplay with” and he ran to the same spot immediately to start digging everything out from my shelf! Cho~ naughty boy!

Sometimes it’s really a big headache how smart he is when he has yet even learnt to really speak. Like when I closed my room door to stop him from going in, he would climb up onto Sis’s lap (he is good at that!) to try reaching for the door knob! When that fails, he would come to me and raise both his hands, tricking me to carry him so that he can reach the knob. How to not 心软?!

And when he found a packet of biscuits in my room, he would bring it to me and nod his head vigorously, which means he wants to eat that -____- I think we will all ended up spoiling him rotten because his smartness together with his cuteness just melts you.

Cam-whoring with my Photo Booth! xD

(via picsandquotes.com)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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