Hello Edmund~!

Needed something hot and soupy to fight the cramps and the Tom Yummmmm was looking yum-yum~! 😀 Doesn’t matter if it did not really help the cramps in the end; no regrets!

Was subtitling something in the afternoon and the 3 of us were trying so hard to figure out what the person is saying. Played like 16483728 times and none of us could figure out!

In the end I decided to take a break and went out to check for my parcel… While opening the letterbox, I kept reciting the line and suddenly, *jiang jiang jiang jiang!* It just came to me all of a sudden and I finally figured it out!!! OMGGGG. *Sings: A moment like this, some people wait a lifetime~~~~~~~*

It’s just Murphy’s Law! Sometimes, when you try and try, you just don’t get it. Some things just come to you when you least expected it (:

Off for TVPS gathering at Holland V! The only thing stopping me was actually the buffet part…haha! But I’m glad that I went because it’s nice seeing everyone again after such a long time, especially Rong Hui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –misses!

Did not take any photos so I gotta “borrow” something from Jasmine’s Instagram! Hehe.

Picture 3

Xiao Long Bao buffet!
(Credits to @Jminling!)

Thank goodness I did not gorge myself this time round or eat till it’s worth my money. It was really more for the gathering as I had not seen most of them since Nadine’s 21st and Michelle since we left Townsville! =O

The guys are still as nonsensical as usual and I actually kinda miss watching them bicker…haha! They really couldn’t stop bickering! Then came this awkward but hilarious moment:

Edmund: (to Choon Song) Aiyah next time your child’s Christian name will be Lai. So Lai Ang (menses).

Xiao Qian: That’s my uncle’s name!

Edmund: *awkward*



Burg for lunch on Tuesday!

Almosttttt missed this lunch thanks to M1 network failure! -.-”
Network failure = communication failure = waiting = waste time = angryyyyyhungryyyyy = extra angry!

M1 you see! Your stupid network can actually cause so much inconvenience for users and non-users than you can think of! I guess this has made us realised how important communication is for everyone x.x

Anyhow, regular training resumed and although better than last week, I was still not at my best~ But my mate and I were like “encouraging” each other, “尽力就好!” LOL.

Need to build back my stamina FAST! If not I cannot continue training on my fast kicks…Zzzzz.


New TV in the house! Finally! No more waiting for 45 minutes before it switches on xD

(via icanread.tumblr)

Dedicated to Edmund Koh. LOL.
(via icanread.tumblr)


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