First Times

Had a couple of first-time happening over this long weekend, which include hitting the dance floor to learn all sorts of dances.

Apart from the courage-booster, I am really thankful to June. First of all, she actually decided to skip her Chingay practice to accompany me when I merely asked her what she’s doing on Friday night. It meant so much to me ❤

Even if I was only going to sit in Club 5 and watch people dance throughout the night, I don’t not mind at all. Everyone there still remembers me and I felt bad that I don’t remember all their names =/

They came over to talk to me again and encouarged me to hit the dance floor, but I insisted that I am just there to drink…haha~

X: Actually I came over here to steal the peanuts.

Me: Oh you can have the whole bowl! (I hate them!)

X: No lah…actually I came over to talk to you but pretend to be here eating peanuts.

(The next time he came over again…)

Me: *passed him the whole bowl* I know you came here for the peanuts!!!

And in the end I was still being dragged to the dance floor by Daddy Poh aka Mummy June’s boyfriend! He was a dance instructor and he insisted on teaching me x.x

June: This one Salsa very easy one! Go go go!

(After 1 dance)

June: This one Merengue! We learned in Zumba! Come come come! I teach you!

(After 2 dances and I thought I could finally escape…)

June’s friend: This one Cha-cha also very easy one~ I teach you. Come come come!

And so this seemed to be repeated many times throughout the night and I ended up learning don’t know how many dances! SUPER NERVOUS!!!

The first few were indeed quiteeeee easy to catch, but later I realised that everything seemed to be classified under “easy” to them -___- And the last dance with Poh was definitely not easy, because I kept getting my feet stepped on!

But honestly, I have definitely enjoyed! Everyone there was asking me why I don’t like to dance and it’s hard to explain to them that I actually like dancing, but it just takes a lot of courage to hit the dance floor. And courage usually comes with confidence, and confidence comes naturally when you are good at the particular something, which I am not!

Nevertheless, it was a good experience! A good first-time learning all the different ballroom dances all in a night! Mummy June even hugged me all of a sudden because she is proud that I am so sporting…hehe.

Gangnam Style special! (Super loud music!)

Experienced another first-time which is singing on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers! I thought it was a karaoke room but it turned out to be those lounge where people take turn to go up on stage to sing =/

I was sabotaged by Mummy June because she said Uncle R has bought my ticket and it would be a waste if I don’t sing at all. But 95% of the songs are oldies and while I was kan chiong-ly trying to find a song because my turn is coming up, Uncle R kept naming me songs and singers that I have never heard of before -___-|||

Then I finally found one that Poh knows how to sing as well – 新不了情! Phew~! I have serious stage fright and I just didn’t wanna go up alone! Superrrrrr nervous that my hands turned icy cold -.- And in the end I realised June did not sing at all because she gave her ticket to Poh!!! Really got sabotaged big time!

Thank goodness I wasn’t that nervous once I started singing because I was “into” the song…haha! So I really just stared at the screen and sing instead of looking at the audience in front of me =/

Comments: Mummy June said I don’t look that nervous on the stage; Daddy Poh said I did well because I was full of emotions and Uncle R said it would have been nicer if I sang it on my own…haha!

Well, compliments are compliments but I wouldn’t really wanna do it again! And luckily I only managed to sing 1 song because it goes one big round before it’s your turn again.

Just some pictures from the weekend~


Picking back the pastime as it helps to pass time.


Sunday Zumba.


Misses (:


I know both of them don’t really enjoy karaoke as much as dancing, but for my sake, they actually booked a room. Poh: “不要紧啦,她喜欢唱嘛。” ((:

Then they started saying that I should join competition because I can sing with emotions…Zzzzz. June even commented, “你唱歌比你跳舞好” -__- Is that supposed to be a compliment???

Enjoyed myself nevertheless and thanks to them, my long weekend wasn’t that empty anymore (:


I am really grateful for their presence ❤

Anyhow, I have decided to switch my Twitter to private because I don’t enjoy having unrelated people reading them. Too bad I can’t do the same for my blog. So pals who still wanna stalk my tweets, time to get a Twitter account!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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