One day.



There are just some days when you either don’t know what to eat, or you just don’t feel like eating anything, and this happens to be one of those days. Tapped on to Reiko’s Pastamania order and got a salad instead.



Boss happened to get black forest cakes for all of us and I figured that was probably what I needed. Another good thing on the same day – my long-awaited parcel (:

Training was quite a killer because I was partnering 2 seniors and 1 of them is female coach. Almost died in the first combo.

Felt bad when the guy holding for me during sit-up punches apologised to me after that because someone commented that his holding is very bad. I could feel something is wrong because when there is not enough resistance, it’s like you’re punching in the water and you actually feel much more tired. But I did not wanna say anything because I knew this is gonna happen. And I know how it feels not being able to hold for someone, or worse, being criticised for it.

Was given the permission to go off after I finished my rounds and I am actually thankful for that. I guess I finally understood something that Mr Lame once said in the midst of his angry lecture, something about being nice to people because you never know someone might have had a really bad day. Maybe it’s because no one would really skip till they have watery eyes or maybe it was the cracked smile, whatever it is, I understand it now.



Felt like having salad again and after I got one, I figured that since I am around the area, I could have gotten the spinach dip from Applebee’s. So I got that as well and in the midst of waiting, I took this survey which rewards me with a free dessert.

After I collected my spinach dip, I asked the staff if I could redeem and take that away as well and I think she wanna kill me. Slightly melted but it was good. Just that everything ended up in the fridge after a few mouthfuls.


To fill the empty gap ❤



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