Zumba on Thursday was … a mess. Different instructor, different music, different choreography and probably even different genre -.- Tempo was so much faster that I felt like we were monkeys jumping around on our own instead.

June’s schedule is over-packed so we decided to go on separate days and it was so much less fun too. Dread going for classes alone but I would rather that than not having anything to occupy my time.

Managed to catch Gangster Squad before it ends and I sat through the 113 minutes of blood and violence for Ryan Gosling.


Gawd. Is this an art piece?

He sounds funny in the movie though, like his voice has been tweaked a few pitches higher. I don’t remember him sounding like this in The Notebook. But anyway, Yinning said he is distracting because he is too charming…haha!

It’s funny how the moment I saw this particular scene in the trailer, I was like telling myself, “I must watch this.” Just because I saw this scene previously in Tumblr and had been wondering what show is it!
(via firebones.tumblr)

Furthermore it’s Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, 2 of my favourites, so that adds on to why it’s a must-watch for me, even if I’m not a fan of this genre. It’s not bad though, not a terrific one but it was good enough to keep you engaged throughout, I would say.

Something occurred to me during lunch this afternoon. Was supposed to meet June for lunch and she ended up complaining about the hot sun and throwing a tantrum about having to waste her whitening lotion -.- Total sounding like a empress dowager!

So after much arguing with her over Whatsapp, she still stubbornly refused to come and we just ended the conversation like that. What I felt was not just disappointment, but a little anger as well. Because it made me feel how can people just leave so easily like that, like you don’t mean anything to them. Like the effort to specially go get the cupcake (and even asked for something less sweet to suit her liking) is totally unappreciated before you even give.

But of course, she came down eventually ❤
She was actually teasing me and when I told her that I really thought she was angry, she grinned and said that’s fun…Zzzzz! That’s my childish mummy for you! But I really can’t imagine us having a real fight =/


Friday training.

Second training of the week, to make up for the one I missed during Genting trip. Actually to be honest, it was to keep the Friday night occupied! Haaaaa.

Anyhow, I have submitted 3 of Isaac’s photos for Honeybay’s Cutest Babies Contest 2013! Please help me like them and if possible, comment/share! Thank you!!!




(via icanread.tumblr)

(via icanread.tumblr)


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