Audition & JB~

Had a hard time falling asleep somehow and next thing I know, it was time to wake up for my long Sunday. Still feeling physically tired from the previous day and that made me even more reluctant to go. This is a big decision and sacrifice that I haven’t quite accepted, to start from scratch.

Felt so bad to make the girls wake up so damn early with me just because the first audition clashed with my rehearsal. We were all whining in group chat about how sleepy we are and I was still cursing that who the hell sets audition timing at 9am =/

This kinda sparked some confusion and that’s when I realised we actually do not have to reach at 9am! We could reach anytime between 9am to 1pm and it was me who thought that it would be the same as my usual audition, whereby everyone reaches at the stipulated time to learn the audition dance together before we go in group by group for the audition! x.x

And because Shuning thought I gotta rush to JB, she chose the earliest timing! Felt 32186382 times more bad now. I actually made them and myself wake up at 7 plus AM!!!

But in the end we decided to just go ahead since we were all ready to head out. Upon reaching the place, we were totally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the people that it kinda scared us a little! A little would be an understatement actually.

They were basically standing outside the gate, cheering and clapping to welcome everyone and even passerby. It made us wanna run off and if I had went alone, I would probably pretend that I was just passing by and head back home. Too 夸张 already, seriously.

The people, the procedure and everything is just kinda extreme. Went through a mini interview at level 1 before we proceed to level 2 for health check and costume measurement (when we have yet even gone through the audition).

Then level 3 for chanting/praying, which kinda overwhelmed us a little again, but luckily there is no obligation to chant along and we were just waiting to hit 40 people before we proceed to level 4 for the audition.

Learned the super easy steps for the audition and when everything is over, Chii Hian was like, “Huh?! I didn’t even know the audition has started!” LOL. Why am I not surprised! Haha!




Seah Im for brunch~


2D VS 3D!

Off to meet Gui who agreed to go in JB again with me so that I did not have to cab alone in the foreign place. He had went in with the rest the previous day but I couldn’t make it due to rehearsal 😦


Someone photo-bombed us!


❤_❤ in a heart.

Cabbed down to Sutera Mall to meet the rest before the 5 of us squeezed in buddy’s dad’s car to his massage place. Only brought RM 50 with me and it was for shopping, so I gave the massage a miss even though I kinda needed it. Figured that I would be having my massage during the upcoming getaway anyway.

Was mad tired that I felt asleep at the sofa while waiting for their 1-hour massage to be over. Then the staff came over and opened up a room just for me to nap on the big comfy massage chair! Haha! Embarrassing but too tired to care.


Bao Bao – Hashbrown & Egg

Back to Sutera Mall and finally it’s my time! Did the quickest shopping in the 1 hour plus and managed to get a top~ Did not have enough time to get my macarons but we gotta head back already 😦 Next time~




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