Colin’s 24th @ Switch!

I don’t quite remember how I spent the previous Monday but from what I remember, Mondays are usually quite boring. This week, however, I had a pleasant one with the bitches and it’s a reunion because my dear brown eyes Sonia is back from Italy!

Finally visited Switch! Walked past it several times and never got the chance to go in and explore~ Check out their sink!

And shortly after I arrived, I received a greeting text from Jun Min, which is rather strange because that fellow doesn’t usually text me for nothing. Smelling a rat, I turned around and he was indeed sitting at the table right behind me!!! Haha! My woman’s instinct is just wayyyyy too strong!

Fancy bumping into him here when the place was barely even crowded (because it’s Monday night). Had not seen him ever since the last time we drank together~


2 years difference, you believe? xD

Had not been to a bar with live band for a longggggg time and I really miss it!!!!!! Even though it was not very impressive, the emo songs just make me a lot more high~

There is this weird rule that everyone has to order at least 1 round of drinks and since Gek Peng did not wanna drink, I ordered on her behalf…hehehehehe.

It was a nice catch-up with me sacrificing 4 blog hits to narrate the whole story all over again just because no one bothered to ask me for the password except Siew Siew -___- I’m kidding about the blog hits obviously.

Ate, drank, chatted and we started to go crazy with the emo songs, singing emotionally along with some acting. 越唱越 high 的!Then the live band finally sang the birthday song, with the staff carrying out a birthday cake~

Gek Peng was happily singing along without knowing that I had gotten Sonia to get the cake on my behalf for Colin’s belated birthday! Hahaha! She was like, “Oh! It’s for our table ah?!” LOL! Totally 不在状况中!

So we had a very surprised and embarrassed birthday boy with everyone in the house singing birthday song for him! 😀

Listening to the live band telling him that he is a very lucky guy because he has 5 girls celebrating for him…LOL.


Strawberry Shortcake!

Reunion of the bitches! ❤❤❤


Happy Birthday, bitch! ❤

This is the first 24th birthday that I have celebrated for the year and gosh, I’m dreading my turn!!!


Cheeky wish?

Before the whole celebration, the tired birthday boy had wanted to suggest leaving but then came the cake. So after the celebration, he was dying to go off again but we were too into the emo songs! A Thousand Years, Love Me, 没那么简单 and all the most emo songs started playing, how to leave?! Haha!

And at the end of the night, we were named the friendliest table by the live band merely because I cheered a bit louder~ I am not over-friendly okay, I was just high by the emo songs! Ironic, I know.

Anyhow, one last group picture before our dear 大姐大 flies off to Taiwan for her wedding photo shoot! 😀

Just when I was dreading the journey home, Jun Min said he is going off and offered me a free cab ride! Yay~! Finally something good about bumping into him…HAHAHA.

JM: 怎样,几时再跟我喝?

Me: 哎呀你哪里有空~ 你这个酒鬼,plus 赌鬼,plus…

JM: 你可以不要这样讲我吗!哇我在你眼里原来是这样。。。跟你讲话我很 emo x.x

LOLOL. And did I mention before that he used to be the only male senior that dares to fight back (physically) with me back in school?! But that was before he got reprimanded by another male senior who told him that he should give in to me because I’m a girl and I’m junior…hehehehe.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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