Macarons ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Overdue overdue overdue~ Just a couple of pictures to share for now.

Monday’s lunch: Anpan from JAS, 太阳饼 from Ah Lyn & special tuna mix sandwich made by Vic! I had this sandwich for like 3 consecutive days without getting sick~ Haha!


Heart macarons!!! 😀


So much love ❤❤❤



And and and…I finally tried authentic french macarons from France!!! All thanks to Nadine~! Impromptu and super short brunch at MOS with the girls but it was good enough! ((:

Had a bad start of the week; discovered something and also kinda lost someone whom I cherish dearly on the same day. Lots of questions in mind, anger and unjust no doubt. For the latter, I just hope it’s not a case of sabotage again, because if anyone has anything against me, it should be dealt with me personally. It’s really shallow act to drag my friends or anyone else in. Once that happens, I’m gonna get to the bottom of this no matter what. Impersonation and harassment is a CRIME.

(via icanread.tumblr)

(via icanread.tumblr)


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