The Last

28 February was a day filled with many “last” – the last day for Wilson, the last day for my favourite olive rice stall, and the last day for heart macarons special! Despite of all the last, it was a pleasant day for me! Hehe!

Did not get to have my olive rice but I was satisfied enough, especially with the sweet comment made by the auntie *blush~~~* I think it’s still the first time I heard someone using this term on me 😀 Anyway, seriously hope they will relocate somewhere!!!

And I definitely did not wanna miss my last chance of having this!!!

Had another interview in the afternoon and I guess it’s also the very last one; we had more or less confirmed someone. I did not order any drinks this time round because I felt bad for the $8 juice each time! =/

Well anyhow, the end of something will always denote the start of something else~ So apart from the lasts, here are the firsts – first hot yoga class at True Yoga with Yinning and cousin – Shu Jun, who is also my secondary schoolmate!

I can’t believe we almost had to just miss our first class and waste our whole trip there when they claimed that they couldn’t find our booking! The worse part is they pushed all the blame to us saying that we don’t have any confirmation SMS nor the consultant’s name. Hello?! If it’s our first time, how would we know that we need all these???

It was the consultant’s irresponsibility in the first place to have not gotten his job done properly and it was even more irresponsible when the staff (I think he is the manager or something) just told us that their class is full. So with that one line, you expect us to waste our trip down when it was not even our fault to begin with?! That was exactly what I told him.

The 3 of us were seriously pissed and argued with them till 3 minutes before the class, then they finally slotted us in after cancelling all the people who did not come! I mean they could have done that in the first place – to check whether anyone cancelled or something, instead of simply telling lao niang the class is full, like it’s my problem.

And after the problem has been resolved and we were slightly more satisfied, the manager still dares to say sarcastically, “Now you girls can smile“. Oh com’on! Which customer will smile and tell you, “Huh~ Class is full ah? *smile*” Do you expect me to throw in winks and blow kisses as well? Zzzzzz!

Seriously poor service that I did not expect of! In the end we were rushed to prepare in 3 MINUTES, and then we were stopped by another staff outside the studio, saying that the class has started and we are not supposed to enter. I just pushed my way through and told her that it’s her staff’s fault, not ours. Yes! I am demanding, but because I know I have the rights to! Seriously, what kind of service is this?

Enough of the rant. Time to talk about the 90 minutes of sweat out. The class is rather big as compared to my previous yoga place, so the attention and focus is definitely diluted. I could not see the instructor at all throughout the class because my view was blocked entirely by the pillar, but most of them there are regulars, so I just followed their moves.

I’m glad that I had learnt before so I could catch most of the steps. The instructor sounded exactly like a recorded tape and in fact, a recorded tape would work just fine. Not saying that she’s bad or what, at least her steps were clear enough for me to catch, and it was a good 90-minute work out I would say. Really perspired like crazy and I actually miss that! Too bad it’s just loss of water and not fatsssss x.x

And then Friday was also the first day for our new colleague – Shai! It was a short day for him to “warm up” and meet 1 of our clients~ Lots of handovers to be done next!

And then…

The first kiss! :D

First Kiss for the first day of March! 😀


The macaron of my eyes! ❤_❤ Hahaha!

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)


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