Weekend in the South

First weekend without Chingay and I am already feeling so “empty“~ Still tried to have a fulfilling weekend starting by going back to MINDS! When I met the committee head last week to collect the Chingay tickets, he was telling me how short-handed they are now and kept urging me to come back…

Since I no longer have practice on Saturday and NDP has not started yet, I decided to go back to see what I can help. But who knows, we had a record-breaking number of volunteers this week!

Not only did we have the regular volunteers, we also had a big group from NTU and some from Dell. Seriously crowded and “over-handed“, so there wasn’t much interaction with the residents.  I just helped the newer volunteers when they failed to communicate with some of the residents instead~ It was still nice seeing the residents and having them asking you about your absence (:

Rushed down to Vivo after that to meet the NDP-mates for our movie outing~! It was organised by Eric and although I did not know about the movie – Jack The Giant Slayer, I agreed because I know how hard it is to organise an outing, so definitely must 赏脸!:D


Pork chop bun!

Eric somehow announced to everyone that the dinner would be his treat when I was the one who owes him a treat for helping me so much during Chingay! Managed to treat him for the movie because I had warned Lyn in advance not to take his money~ Haha!


Movie time~!

Since the storyline is based on Jack And The Beanstalk, it was a rather predictable fairytale~ The graphics was good though, and it was enough to get me excited when the giants were attacking! Hehe.

Speaking of giants, saw this gigantic chair in a shop for $3K plus! Is there anyone with such a huge ass???

Ronald and Karen went off first and Eric decided to bring us to check out this dessert restaurant, which is apparently quite popular. There was still a queue when it was already around 10pm when we finished the movie~

Eric and Lyn recommended this durian pancake, which is like the one I always have in Genting!

Exactly the same inside but I like the skin for this more! I MISS DURIAN!!!

Stayed to chit-chat after that till around 11 and there was still train, definitely, but somehow the 2 east-siders kept insisting on taking cab and making a detour to send me home so that I do not have to go home alone! We caused quite a scene in the mall when they were literally dragging me off the escalator -____-|||

It was only 11pm! I really don’t see why I should trouble other people when there is still train to go home. Well anyway, I managed to stick to my decision of taking the train and bade them farewell till our next outing~

But I was back to the place in less than 12 hours! Haha! After the failed tanning session in Bintan, I was determined to have a successful one, so … … off to Sentosa~! 😀


Joanjoan in her expensive cap~

Lyn was explaining to me how to get to the various beaches the previous night and I was rather confused why her directions were totally opposite from my memory, then I finally realised that the tram service had changed location! OMG~ Felt so outdated! I used to know this island inside out x.x


Ready for sunshine!!!

We wanted to head to Tanjong Beach since it is supposedly the least crowded but somehow we missed the stop without knowing and made a U-turn back to Palawan -.- Palawan it shall be then! As long as it’s sunnyyyyyyyy~~~


Brunching while tanning! Hehe!


With my ah siao hairstyle~


Roast pig in the making!

We tanned for like 4 hours and the sun was on and off~ When it’s on, it was really HOT!!! But it would soon be covered by the clouds again, so I thought we did not really tan much… In the end, we were burnt! Again! Haha! So burnt that soaking in the sea becomes real shiok and I did not wanna get out~

Can’t see from this after photo because the burnt parts are all covered up =/
I did not tan my face much because usually only my nose gets tanned burnt! I am already looking like Rudolph now~

Sooooo thirsty and hungry after that and I finally tried the butterscotch ice-cream and yam pie from Mac! The $1 ice-cream was awesomely gooddddddddddddddddddd~!!! OMG. Super shiok~ So glad that I did not miss it this time round! 😀


Mailbox surprise a few days ago! ❤

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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