Work out days~

I have been waking up early automatically this whole week but luckily I haven’t been sleeping too late at night too =/

It was an emotional Tuesday and I just felt so exhausted. Physically and mentally. Ran some errand for June before heading back for an early rest, which I didn’t really managed to get.

And just when I was about to give up hope, training finally resumed this week! But it’s back to Wednesday; I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Well anyway, Mr Lame gathered many people from 2-3 years ago who have stopped training for a longgggg time~ New mates = new fun! (:

And because I am one of the most regular one left (even female coach has left too! x.x), I was supposed to do the demonstrations now and also guide the rest…Zzzzz. I am not complaining, but it’s just that I am not good enough to do so!!!


My 2 funny mates! 😀

And while they were working hard, I was cam-whoring away~ Haha!


Kiam pah face.


Honeystars with chocolate milk! ❤

Boss: Have you had your lunch?

Me: Errrr….I had my breakfast =/

Reiko: You might as well say you had your dinner last night.

Me: I mean I had my breakfast for lunch *points to Honeystar box*

Boss: *laughs helplessly*

In the end I still felt kinda hungry and I braced through the rain to get Applebee’s appetisers at 50% off! It’s the happy hour and that explains why my spinach dip was soooo cheap the other time~

So while Yinning was complaining about being broke and wanting to save money…



Off for hot yoga after that and it was only Shu Jun and me this time round because Yinning couldn’t make it. Still find their service a major turn-off and I personally would recommend my previous place – Sadhana Sanctuary over True Yoga!

The service there is much better and so is the whole booking system. Over at True Yoga, I hardly get a reply from my consultant and we had to keep pushing for booking confirmation! Zzzzz.


Waiting for SJ~

In the hot room…

SJ: I think if we bring our handphone in, it will explode.

Me: Yah! Even I will explode liao.

(3 minutes later)

SJ: I’m going to explode liao!!!

The room is really really hot but as compared to the previous class, this was so much better. I managed to finish the whole 90 minutes without giving up.

We both prefer this instructor too. At least she walks around the class to correct us, unlike the “tape recorder” that just stood in front and recite. Torturous but shiok 90 minutes! (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

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