Foodie Jaybeeeee & MYG 40th Anniversary!

Had a foodie Friday starting with lunch, dessert and then dessert again! xD
Spent the Friday night chiong-ing 4 Pics 1 Word and I am proud to announce that I have officially completed all the stages in 2 days! Hohohohohohoho~

I really racked my brain to solve them while eating, while travelling, while shitting and every night before I sleep! It really tests your English and at times your lameness as well -___-”

Anyhow, had yet another foodie day with Jeong and Tim as we hit JB on Saturday!

 photo 20130316_165747_zps87046b4a.jpg

Bak Kut Teh for late lunch~

 photo 20130316_165757_zps872be71a.jpg

Caught in the act!

Continued eating in KSL and luckily I saved some space in the stomach for some YAMI yogurt! Really dirt cheap there leh! Every time I wanna have in SG, I will think of how cheap I can have it there x.x

 photo IMG_20130316_175651_zpscfd2c95a.jpg

Green apple yogurt with fruity pebbles! 😀

 photo 20130316_183443_zpsa3c6af37.jpg

Doraemon bouquet! Somehow it looks a bit creepyyyyy~

 photo IMG_20130316_204056_zps38362559.jpg

But this is mad cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Chanced upon this new cafe selling many different flavours of Doriyaki and Tim and I decided to buy a few back after trying Jeong’s (:
 photo IMG_20130316_192220_zps43b06899.jpg

 photo IMG_20130316_192411_zpse02bd01d.jpg

Even comes with nice packaging!

 photo IMG_20130316_192345_zpsae044d24.jpg

My durian Doriyaki! 😀

I was basically crazy over anything durian and the 2 guys on the other hand just can’t stand the smell of it! So when they wanted to watch some action movie…

Jeong: How? You wanna watch?

Me: *happily eating my durian puff* Huh… Why don’t you two go ahead and I go for shopping!

Tim: OMG damn smelly!

Jeong: Yah! Stinks!!! Faster, just say you wanna watch or not???

Me: You all watch lah… I really don’t mind going shopping on my …

Jeong: Nononono. Stop talking! Very smelly! Just say you wanna watch or not!

Tim: *pinching nose* Yah it’s either yes or no.

Jeong: You only have one chance to talk! Yes or no, not anything more! Use it wisely!

Me: You two really can go and watch… I really like shopping on my own~

Jeong: Okay, don’t talk anymore. Let’s not watch.

LOLOL. So in the end they really gave up their movie and accompanied me to walk around, in search for the tees that I wanted to buy! Omg~ Guilty max x.x

Couldn’t find what I want in the end and so we went back to City Square to try our luck. Discovered so many more new food stalls there that I had not known or tried! OMG I wanna go back soon~

 photo 20130316_203754_zps98c4f6b4.jpg

The guys’ super late dinner!

Me: OMG you’re back with your PSP again!!!

Tim: Why is it that whenever you take a photo of me, I always happen to be with my PSP -.-”

Me: Exactly! Why are you always with your PSP?! That’s how I remembered you of from the first time I met you!

It was quite a budget trip and I only changed like 20 bucks with Jeong. Saving hard for my upcoming trip and so there wasn’t any loots except foodddddd 😦

Solo hot yoga session on Sunday because I rescheduled mine to set my Saturday free~ It was the same instructor as last Sunday and I thought I’m gonna die again as I was standing right under where the 40.6°C heat is coming from again!

Thank goodness it wasn’t that bad this time round though I still couldn’t stop yawning at the start of the class. I just figured that weekends are just not meant for exercising and I just somehow feel more energetic doing it after work; ironic =/

Anyhow, conquered the 90 minutes of sauna + yoga again!!!
 photo IMG_20130317_171424_zpsa55c0710.jpg

As much as I don’t like it, I had to shower there because I did not have enough time to go home. Although it’s a female locker room and showering area, I still feel damn uncomfortable seeing people stripping and changing there and then! It reminds me of the “naked fashion parade” in Seoul’s sauna =/

Rushed off down to RIJC for MINDS Youth Group (MYG)‘s 40th Anniversary Family Day event!
 photo 20130317_181950_zps389bf4b4.jpg

I was looking forward to it and I even told the committee that I could finally help out for this event since it falls on a Sunday, which is usually my most-free day. But it turned out to be more of a dinner gala and volunteers appreciation session rather than a “helping out” event~

Nevertheless, it was still nice getting to meet all the residents again! You don’t know how heartwarming it is whenever they start shouting for you ((:
 photo 20130317_181935_zpsd22de49e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130317_180621_zpse6cae488.jpg

Goodie bag!!!

Although the snacks are just cheap kiddy snacks that you can get from mama-shop, I still loveeeee such goodie bags because it reminds me of kindergarten days, whereby kids will always give out goodie bags in class during their birthdays 😀

I love receiving them but I did not have such privilege of buying for them during my birthday… So I would wrap some sweets in the small plastic bag – the kind people use for takeaway coffee at coffee shops, and then distribute them in class!

Back then there was nothing about “面子”, so I didn’t have to feel paiseh that my goodie bag is not as fanciful as others~ I felt happy enough being able to give out goodie bags in class! Still experience the same kind of joy receiving/giving one now! Hehe!

 photo IMG_20130317_181149_zps00227604.jpg

Handmade tie by the residents!

 photo 20130317_193451_zps0f73165c.jpg

Our project group – Terra Hope! (:

The sumptuous buffet dinner was sponsored by Shangri-la and the volunteers get to share the 口福~ All the cakes there look soooooooo yummy that I didn’t know which to choose from!
 photo IMG_20130317_191506_zps1781d3ed.jpg

 photo IMG_20130317_192618_zps42a48450.jpg

G: She wanna eat everything but she cannot finish! So in the end I have to eat for her!
Yes, that’s me xD

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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