A beary good morning to everyone!

Excitedly made one for my mum as well but she just left it on a table for a long time 😦 Yes, I overrate appreciation, you can say. It means a lot to me whether a person appreciates even the little things you do for them.


Afternoon snack! 😀


Couldn’t bear to throw my withered flower D:

Sis dropped by during training to pass me my berry essence and HK currency. I think Isaac was a little traumatised to see all the kicking and punching =O

Luckily he came when it wasn’t my turn to punch, if not he would not come near me every again…HAHAHA! But he still smiled upon seeing me…hehe! *pinchhhhh cheeks*


Ambassador for the berry essence! xD

I totally forgot what happened on Thursday but I guess it must had been quite a boring day. So was Friday! Whatever happened to my Friday night x.x

Dragged Gui out pretty late at the end and he couldn’t stop complaining -.- The weather, the timing, and everything else. But I know he would still come out…hehehehehehe.

Beancurd with tang yuan before meeting buddy after his class for prata~! Then I almost witness a fight. I realised I’m not as scared to fight with someone than to witness one; I guess it’s the trauma.


Trying very hard to wink for a reason~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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