Celebration with Clique!

Last week was quite a boring week but ever since the weekend, it has been and it’s gonna be a busyyyyyy week ahead! Spent the Sunday morning completing the mission given by my pig brother before he went to BKK, which was to wash the fish tank!

Usually he does it because the tank is pretty heavy and there are a lot more than just to washhhh the tank. Since I had to handle it all alone, I did it step by step by catching the fishes up first, then empty the tank pail by pail so that it would not be so heavy~

Other than washing the tank itself, there is still the air pump, tiny stones and all the small decorations to wash~ And after washing, you need to fill the tank back again, so it was another round of pail and pail of water x.x

It was indeed not easy and quite a chore! I took like 1 hour or more to complete the mission and ta-duh~! Happy to see the fishies swimming happily in the clean water! But even more proud that I accomplished the mission all on my own! I secretly think that my brother secretly thinks that I wouldn’t be able to do it 😛
 photo IMG_20130324_124846_zps2d5f6b5c.jpg

办完事,time to go out and have fun~!
Met up with Clique for my advance birthday celebration and we went to Sushi Express – one of the places that I wanted to try because they have cheap salmon sashimi!!! Haha!
 photo IMG_20130324_155212_zps9c2a5d14.jpg

To say that it’s a celebration, I would say that it’s more of a pig-out day~ We were just never hungry, cause we were constantly eating throughout the day!!!

 photo 20130324_161525_zps622fb852.jpg

The amount of sushi for 6 persons =O

 photo IMG_20130324_151313_zpsa0942844.jpg

My 3149863498628th plate of salmon sashimi!

It was a really FULL lunch but we walked past Cookies for Sid and I casually mentioned that it’s famous and I had been wanting to try too, then Queen decided to buy 3 pieces! 😀 It’s damn niceeeeeeeee luh!
 photo IMG_20130324_163712_zps1ff33b65.jpg

 photo IMG_20130324_164829_zpsd7cf6ff7.jpg

My oatmeal raisin~

And then I went to redeem the 2 yogurt vouchers that I bought even though we were all damn full! LOLOL. I seriously don’t know how we finished these!
 photo IMG_20130324_164450_zpse2fb45a1.jpg

I took this photo with buddy’s phone and uploaded to his Instagram, captioned with a heart! LOL! He asked me so many times whether he can delete or not, as though I will be damn heartbroken or what -____-|||
 photo IMG-20130324-WA0002_zps8819320c.jpg

We were running out of ideas where to go next and we chanced upon this technology exhibition which is quite interesting!

 photo 20130324_173137_zps90ab53a3.jpg

TCC as the ambassador~

I was playing with this machine which let you try on different makeups virtually before purchasing! It’s from Korea and I think I did see it before when I was there!

Had a hilarious makeover and so I dragged the guys over to be guinea pig as well! And this was the makeup I did for TCC! LOLOLOLOL.
 photo 20130324_172119_zps25dbd9fc.jpg

Seriously had a good time laughing!!!!!!!! And after “trying” the makeup, there is actually a map that shows you where is the nearest place around you to get that particular cosmetic! Pretty cool~

 photo 20130324_172247_zpsdbc7c81f.jpg

Before & After! xD

Okay to be fair, I shall also post my horrendous makeover…hahahaha!!!! 吓死人 please!
 photo 20130324_171357_zps70d8a4ba.jpg

And over at the other side, the guys were actually having fun drawing up a bigggg birthday message for me on the screen, scribbling my Chinese name in gigantic fonts, knowing that I hate it -.-”

 photo 20130324_171531_zps1dad9846.jpg

Super ugly bee drawn by buddy!

Met up with Shrine and headed over to Star Vista next for more FOOD! None of us was actually hungry except Shrine, since he did not join us for lunch =/

Tried the dim sum at Canton Paradise as recommended by buddy and it was indeed not bad! Too bad I was really fulllllll to eat~ But I wouldn’t miss the chance for my custard buns! 😀
 photo IMG_20130324_195943_zps8d57a4f6.jpg

Quite a rush day so I only lup a shirt and go~ In a bunny mood!
 photo 20130324_202407_zps280e762f.jpg

Wanted to bring the rest who have not been to 1-Caramel before to check out the place but it was somehow closed!!! So we settled in Coffee & Pies instead and had a long chit-chat session~ I realised how the topic changes as we all grow up (:
 photo IMG-20130324-WA0004_zpsf5019f1e.jpg

Transformed from bunny to bee the next day and bravely put on the bee top that Sis and Vic got for me! A few people even text me to ask if I really wore this out…LOL! Guess I’m really daring when it comes to dressing =X
 photo IMG_20130325_113048_zps985ca70b.jpg

Met up with Shi Min after work since she could not make it the previous day, so she had a solo “celebration” with me to make up for it~ Went to P.S. Cafe as recommended by her friend and it’s also one of the cafes that I had been wanting to try! (:

We thought it’s quite an atas place, since the food is not cheap, but the Paragon one is somehow not what we had expected. I think the Dempsey one would have better ambience~ But anyhow, what matters is still the food!

Had a hard time deciding and in the end the staff just decided everything for us…haha! Sometimes I really prefer it this way…hehe.

 photo IMG_20130325_201217_zps8376db70.jpg

Signature House salad!

 photo IMG_20130325_211601_zps89fe9032.jpg

Cod fish pasta, back by popular demand!

The food were good in my opinion, even though we had a hard time finishing. We were both rather full but the greedy Shi Min still wanted to order 1 dessert and 1 cake -___-”

In the end I stopped her and convinced her that we would just order 1 cake first, and we went for the Double Chocolate Blackout, which got the highest number of votes on HungryGoWhere!
And LUCKILY I stopped her!!! The cake is HUGEEEEEEEE!
 photo IMG_20130325_212026_zps0de8d99d.jpg

I wanted to show how big it is but this picture is not doing justice -.-”
 photo IMG_20130325_212209_zpsabeebb37.jpg

It is basically equivalent to 2 slices of cake!!! And you can imagine how much calories there is. But like all sinful food – the more sinful it is, the better it taste, and this was god damn goodddddddddddddddddd~!!!!!
 photo IMG_20130325_212236_zps1671fa43.jpg

As expected, we could not even finish the cake! Haha! And it was really an expensive meal =/
Thank you everyone for the birthday treatssssssss!!! It’s really a fat-die-me week! Haha!

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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