Herbal tea to fight the hot weather! Boss and colleagues all thought that this is soy sauce, and Reiko was even like, “Why do you have a soy sauce bottle on your table?!?!” LOL.
 photo IMG_20130326_122343_zps43f49586.jpg

 photo IMG_20130326_131317_zpsbd3cc57e.jpg

Korea gift from boss’s wife!

Had a simple shoot in the afternoon and it was at the place with awesome Milo! The only source of motivation~ Haha! And boss came to fetch us after the shoot and off we went to Mr. Prata again!

It wasn’t me who was craving for prata this time round and I actually wasn’t thattt hungry~ But I couldn’t resist curry!!! So I had my virgin try on mushroom thosai! 😀
 photo IMG_20130326_174138_zps2519d1a0.jpg

Bad idea to have it before hot yoga class! Oops~ But with no regrets because I am a die hard fan of curry!!! How are my pimples going to go off like this D:

It was supposedly my last hot yoga class and yet I still could not “enjoy” a little of their good service. Like our first class, we were once again told that our class had not been booked! I argued that it’s not my fault that their consultant doesn’t reply to my messages and I will just have to take it as she has booked.

They claimed that she is overseas and so??? Does that make it my fault then? How am I supposed to know that she’s overseas??? Telepathy?! I think she should have basic responsibility to inform us that she won’t be around in the first place or True Yoga could have found a temporary consultant to serve us instead!

By telling us that your consultant is not in Singapore and hence our booking has not been processed, that’s not gonna help. I knew I’m just going to argue my way through again because it’s just fat hope that we would go home like this! I even showed them the number of times I messaged our consultant VS the number of times she actually replied.

She had only replied me ONCE before by the way, and it was because the class we wanted to book was full. Other than that, she had never ever replied to my bookings and even after I messaged her 3 times asking her for confirmation for this booking, she never did! I even told her I’m just gonna take it as it has been booked, and still, she doesn’t give a damn.

Seriously would advise everyone DO NOT go to True Yoga!!! I would recommend Sadhana Sanctuary which has 23792147237497 times better service! Their booking system is also much more efficient and simple and the consultant always replies, even with a “Thank You” comes a “You’re Welcome“! THIS is service, ladies and gentleman.

Boiling~~~~~~ But putting this aside, I had a good 90 minutes of sweating!
 photo PicsArt_1364308227143_zps79aac73b.jpg

 photo PicsArt_1364308115085_zpsac425b1b.jpg

With Yinning this time! 😀

Oh my pig brother is finally back from BKK and hence my Naraya bag has finally arrived too! Hehe! He got the design right but he did not know which size I want, so he got both of them -.- And he insisted that they are different because one is stripe and one is polka dots (at the brown areas)! –FAINT!
 photo IMG_20130326_230426_zps4d6bd4b5.jpg

So I wanted to exchange with him from his remaining 4 bags, thinking that he bought them as souvenirs for his female friends but he said, “All are for you lah!” O.O

Surprised because he usually nags at me for spending on clothes or accessories, so I never thought this stingy pig would spend on these. Teeheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~
 photo IMG_20130326_231202_zpsbba65041.jpg

Gifts, gifts and more gifts! 😀
And here is my collection of perfume after adding Kelly’s! I just loveeeeeeee different kinds of scent~
 photo IMG_20130325_235523_zps158894e1.jpg




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