The Last of Celebrations!

 photo IMG_20130327_104844_zpse53d402b.jpg

Breakie on Wednesday~

It’s not my birthday yet but this whole week has been filled with celebrations, which means food and more fooddddddddd~ As a result, I actually felt more like drinking than eating now! Haha!

Met up with my favourite girls and we decided to head over to Acid Bar, because I miss the place and I miss the live band even more!!! It’s been really long since I last been there 😦

But before heading over, I decided to drop by Cold Stone to redeem my free birthday ice-cream! Tried the Strawberry Banana Rendezvous as recommended by Nadine even though I’m not a fan of banana, and it’s so yummyyyyyyyyyy~! I usually get the real chocolatey one which is too sweet.

 photo IMG_20130327_200822_zps34f81d7d.jpg


And while I was taking an extra spoon for Nadine, Xiao Qian came over to distract me with her sudden impulse to get an ice-cream as well. I thought she really wanted to get it because she’s always so unpredictable and she really sounded like she wants to… But when I got back to the table, ta-duh~!!!

They actually prepared this cake within such a short timing that it really surprised me! Hahaha!!!
 photo IMG_20130327_201040_zps7c1a2758.jpg

 photo IMG_20130327_201118_zpsb2517f71.jpg

GLEE~! 😀

 photo PicsArt_1364457054679_zpse5eea8d0.jpg

LOL at the O.O shot!

With my ❤s!!!
 photo IMG-20130327-WA0016_zpsa2269f02.jpg photo IMG-20130327-WA0015_zps729617b6.jpg

Off to Acid Bar before the Happy Hour’s over and the moment I stepped in, awwwww~ With much nostalgia! And the live band is enough to make me happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~
 photo 20130327_204737_zps7935bf7e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130327_205744_zps94fa2b04.jpg

Awesome crème brûlée!!!

 photo IMG_20130327_205817_zps29ce2d73.jpg

Food to share!

 photo 20130327_204755_zps2171f91e.jpg

Cranberry Vodka~

Sudden urge to bar-hop over to No.5 because I miss the martinis as much, so do the girls!!! But we promised to keep to just 1 round of drinks, excluding the free shots of course…hehe!

 photo IMG_20130327_224227_zps95d5f48c.jpg

Choya Martinis & Peach Fruitinis! ❤

First time taking photo with the manager whom I always mention and always give us free shots! 😀 Rose Tequila shot is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
 photo IMG-20130327-WA0018_zps76c88028.jpg

In the end he bought us our Martinis as well!!! Which mean we did not spend a single cent there =O
He said it’s been long since we last came and this is to keep us coming…haha!

Supposed to leave before the midnight charge hits in but we ended up crapping with the manager and having girls’ talk! How I wish the night never ends~ So much to talk about even though Xiao Qian still said I’m kinda quiet for the night…hmmmm =/

 photo IMG_20130328_104511_zps59323538.jpg

Angbao with HKD from the girls! 😀

And during the last day before I fly, we had company lunch over at work to celebrate my burrrrrrfday~ Lunch at Bumbu – one of the restaurants that we used to frequent back in Chinatown and when we had Muslim colleagues!
 photo 20130328_132907_zps3dbcc58b.jpg

Gift from boss and his wife! Wrapped by him in a macaron wrapper! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20130328_132229_zps25d25508.jpg

And here is the first appearance of our new colleague – Shai! Too bad he was “winking“…ahhhh~
 photo 20130328_132023_zps4e0c663d.jpg

It’s a bigger version of the Aries Rilakkuma from Karen and gang!!! Awwwww~ I was surprised that he even knows my horoscope! 😀
 photo IMG_20130328_132447_zps757df35d.jpg

 photo 20130328_132533_zps73521fb7.jpg

From Reiko!

 photo IMG_20130328_152141_zps232f5ddf.jpg


 photo IMG_20130328_152006_zpsd258b522.jpg

Pretty gift for the birthday girl! 😀

And then we headed over to The Patisserie to get my cake and I was cho~ happy because it’s where my favourite First Kiss cake is!!! And I really chose that as my cake…hehehehe!

We got the slices one because they look so much bigger and fluffier than the whole cake one~


With the First Kisses! 😀


Happy Birthday to me once again (:

It’s so so so good that Reiko did a dramatic backward exit when she had her first bite! She even said before she tried this, the Hokkaido thousand layer cake was ranked her no.1, but after she has tried this, this is on the top of her list!

I’m so glad that everyone likes the cake…hehe! Cause I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it too!!! But it’s so expensive that I usually wait till Taka has 20% off after 8pm or something…hehehehehehe. Damn~ Revealed my auntie secret! Please don’t snatch all my cakes x.x


Another of my ❤ (((:


Stocked up!!! HEHEHE!

Received the silliest thing ever and also my only DIY gift of the year! Effort ❤

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

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