Hello from Hong Kong!

So this is it… My 24th year old adventure! I have fulfilled my own wish of travelling alone and I am now blogging from Hong Kong!

Everything went rather smoothly upon arrival, probably because I am buay paiseh to ask around. Sometimes I am too lazy to find and I will just ask for help..haha! But when I boarded the bus (heading to city), the big problem came – the stupid me forgot to buy Octopus card (aka their EZ-link) -____-|||

I happily forgot about it because I know I can pay cash, but I was short of 10 bucks!!! In the end I had to ask around the people in the bus for small change, and none of them at the lower deck has D:

Was very tempted to just pay with the $100 bill, which is almost 3 times the price. But in the end I decided to 厚着脸皮 and went up to the upper deck to continue asking! And ta-duh~ The first person I asked happen to have! Cho~ 感激的!!!Cause imagine I asked the whole lower deck and my morale was definitely running low :/

But oh well, Vivianbee, you pay a price for your stupidity and blurness -.- Nevertheless, I know I will survive this trip without much problem (other than robbery or kidnapping or anything that I can’t prevent).


A sneak peek of my tiny room! It’s small but I actually like it! It feels kinda cosy and there is even a TV inside~

I was actually expecting much worse but the staff and even security guard here is nice and helpful! And I really like my cosy little room…haha!

Will try to update a little here and there, so ciao~


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