Rainy shopping day!

It practically rained the wholeeeee day today and it was also freezing coldddd! So I decided to skip my dim sum plan and opted for some famous hot porridge!


My only shopping place for the day was Argyle Centre because all the night market stalls closed due to the rain 😦

I spent like 5 hours there! It’s my favourite shopping place since the previous trip because the things there are damn cheapppp!!!

But I think it is not as cheap and so there weren’t that many loots as I had expected :/


Nevertheless, I still spent a bomb today. Overshot by almost 1 more day of budget. The food here are not that cheap and a cup of Horlick can cost like HKD 14, which is more than 2 bucks.

But still, after so much research and since I have come all the way here, 要吃就要吃好的!So I didn’t really look at the price for food…hehe.

And because it rained non-stop, it became more of an eating day. Oh did I mention that the bad thing about travelling alone is that there is no one to share food with me?! I am so used to sharing food or stuffing others with food that I can’t finish! D:

Anyhow, it’s time to hug my silly bear to sleep! Hehehe! Oh…Happy Birthday to me~!




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