Wasted trips!

Walked a lot today starting from the morning and I ended up making quite a number of wasted trips as well. I didn’t know many shops were closed on Sunday! I thought weekend is the time when you have good business??? Hmmmm :/

But thanks to the better weather today, I managed to go to my wishing tree!!! This is something that I wouldn’t wanna miss because it has been my dream to visit, and this trip is about fulfilling dreams and visiting places that I miss or did not get to visit during the previous trip!

Although I think I got “conned” a lot of money there buying all the praying stuff, I didn’t quite mind since I have went all the way there. Sadly, the tree that I always see in Hong Kong drama is no longer around though.

This is like the “replacement” tree, which I took a long time to get my wishes up!!! I am so happy that I fulfilled my own wish..hehe!


Since the places that I intended to visit today were mostly closed, I had a change of plan to catch the Symphony of Light instead. But it started drizzling and everyone’s umbrella was flying upwards!!! You can imagine how cold it is too. Thank goodness I bought stocking!

Went back to ladies market to get my Rilakkuma bedsheets and I spent a long time bargaining! The person even shouted.from 5-7 stalls away TWICE, asking me to come back when I walked away.

I kinda hate bargaining because there is no such thing as service here. The stall owners’ faces change very fast but I know I still have to do it! Like what one of the stall owners I met yesterday said, “香港的东西没有价钱的。(There is no price in HK.)” Cause they can quote anything they like!

After a really long time, of course she reduced the price to what I want! Haha! Though she kept mumbling after that…Zzzzz. But who cares~ As long as I have my pretty bed sheets!!! Teehee~~~~



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