Ever since I’m back~

Have been busy preparing for the Hong Kong trip entries and neglected my usual post! So here is a summary of what I have been busy with ever since I came back…hehe.

It’s back to the routine life but it has been a good week, I would say! 😀 Back for training on Wednesday and I even got a free cab ride home! All thanks to Mr Lame…hahaha!

Only had time to start unpacking my luggage on Wednesday night because I was too exhausted when I reached home the previous night. And then I burned midnight oil to get the gift for boss and his family done!

Had a hard time photoshopping and gauging the photos to fit into the frames~ Thank goodness it turned out pretty okay…hehe.
 photo IMG_20130404_124252_zps96863176.jpg

 photo IMG_20130404_143442_zps6cae3258.jpg

Olive rice on a happy Thursday! 😀 I miss it sooooo much!!!

 photo IMG_20130405_201836_zps48253f14.jpg

Subway cookie from 姐妹!

The ever-childish boy was “angry” with me over some minor thing again and he threatened to get me peanut butter cookie (knowing that I hate it)…LOL. But of course in the end I still got the chocolate chip one xD

Was basically spending the Friday night loitering around AMK Hub, exploring all the new shops while waiting for buddy to join us after his class. Then I decided to drop by Geláre to collect my vouchers too!

What happened was a few weeks ago when buddy and I were walking past AMK Hub, we started discussing about all the new shops coming up. Then he mentioned that Geláre‘s gonna open an outlet in AMK Hub as well…

Then just a few days later, I happened to see this post from Geláre on Facebook and I decided to try my luck~
Picture 3

I was not confident that AMK Hub is the answer as the person before me commented “NEX“. But I still tried my luck nevertheless and I was the second person to comment~

Who knows…
I really became the first person who commented with the right answer! xD
Picture 4

Super heng because I happened to see this post shortly after Geláre posted, and as a result, I won $20 worth of Geláre vouchers! 😀 You may say it’s just $20 or I’m gian peng gian sai, but it’s okay because I seldom have such luck in winning things, so I’m happyyyyyyyyyyyy~! HEHE!
 photo IMG_20130406_003943_zpsd26c6d03.jpg

Excitedly changed my bed sheet first thing on Saturday morning, from the Pooh set…
 photo 20130406_105821_zpsa41a2395.jpg

To my new Rilakkuma set from Hong Kong! 😀
 photo 20130406_111826_zpsd975a29f.jpg

Never felt so excited to change bed sheet before! Hahaha! It has always been a chore to me, especially when I refused to use any other bed sheet except my Pooh one, so I had to wait for it to dry at night and then lazily put it back on again~ (That explains why you always see the same bed sheet!)

Off for appointment with Billy and I finally got my hair cut! Wanted to do it before my trip but couldn’t find time at all~ So happy to have chopped off half my head although once again, I know you guys can’t see the difference, but I’m lovin‘ it.
 photo IMG_20130406_144659_zpsbac09a4d.jpg

Off to MINDS after that and we made Easter bunnies this week! 😀 Cute, isn’t it?!
 photo IMG_20130406_162948_zps8bd4ac14.jpg

Missed the AGM last week because I was away, so collected my cert this week instead~ Very paiseh to have been awarded this because my attendance has been so irregular =/
 photo IMG_20130407_232217_zps0060b3a8.jpg

Met up with the guys again and I voiced out about wanting to eat my Geláre. But after dabao-ing their dinner, none of them remembered that and off we went to buddy’s house to slack D:

Watched 美人龍湯 together and I couldn’t stop commenting how Gui behaves exactlyyyyyyyyy like Mike He in the show!!! The ego, the attitude and etc, it’s like totally the same! 口是心非 pattern -.- Sometimes it’s quite annoying watching this kind of you-know-you-like-her-but-you-refused-to-admit kind of show…Zzzzzz.

Was mad tired somehow and I kept falling asleep on buddy’s comfy sofa~ Decided to go home and slept like 10 hours before I woke up, energised for the next day! 😀

Couldn’t wait to wear my neon-coloured shorts – one of my favourite buys from Hong Kong!!! Paired with my signature neon jacket…hehe! Ready for NDP audition~!
 photo IMG_20130407_222446_zps4927cdb2.jpg

But before that, I dropped by Sis’s house because my cutie pie misses me!!! He’s always “Yiyiyi“-ing away, according to Sis and that really melts my heart!

Just like when he was crying and screaming his favourite, “biaooooo~ (不要)” when I was at the doorstep, then the moment he saw me, he quieted down and started giving his shy smile…hehehe! ❤❤❤

Dragged him to cam-whore with me again and I think he has started to understand what 拍照 means. He used to struggle away whenever he sees his own face on the screen, but now he knows how to sit still and look into it. Well trained by Yiyi! xD

 photo 20130407_134723_zps75bd9e34.jpg

Take 1!
(Love how he places his hand on me like a boss!)

He was cho~ happy and started laughing so loudly AFTER we took the photo! So I said, “你没有笑笑啊?拍照要笑笑,我们拍多一次。。。” And he really smiled! Though a forced shy one…haha! But he is indeed a very shyyyyy boy~

 photo IMG_20130407_153543_zpsaa18a7d2.jpg

Heart him so much! ❤

Was trying to get him to go for his afternoon nap and again, I had to pretend to sleep for like 30 minutes before he finally went to bed~ Left for my NDP briefing and despite being 1.5 hour late, I only missed 10 minutes of the briefing, as expected -.-”

It turned out to be a practice as well, which means it was our very first NDP practice for this year. But thankfully, only the newcomers need to go through the audition this time round!!! Super relieved because I HATEEEE auditions.

It’s not about how easy or difficult it is, it’s the stress level. Audition automatically equates to stress, and I can’t work dance under stress. Furthermore, the dance steps this year are all CHINESE DANCE, and I totally suck at that!

I could not remember all 4 sets of 8 beats, even till the end of the practice x.x
And it doesn’t help that a few of the trainers I know are paying extra attention on me. Stress x 39269838327985372!!!

I totally screwed up the steps every single time, probably only the very last time then I got 80% right. Please, please, please don’t let me be in Chinese group!!! I don’t wanna wear that costume either. But I think my special request has been approved…hehe~

Off to meet Lyn for some ice-creammmmmm! The girl did not attend the briefing cum practice and since I had brought my little HK gifts for her, and since she was “in need of ice-cream“, I decided to take this chance to try my Milk & Honey Gelato!

 photo 20130407_203637_zpsbbee9509.jpg


 photo PicsArt_1365387784599_zps1d7d72bb.jpg

Reward after practice! 😀

It’s actually yet another place opened by my brother’s friend and I had been wanting to patronise~ Their ice-cream is really pretty good and even for someone who doesn’t fancy strawberry ice-cream, I actually liked theirs!

Their mango ice-cream is even more omgggggggggg~~~ You may start making some unusual sound effects uncontrollably, like “Oooooo~ Ahhhhhhh~ Hmmmmmm~” LOL. So do drop by and show some support if you are eating nearby at the famous Bedok 85 hawker! (:

Milk & Honey Gelato
Block 86 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460086


 photo IMG_20130408_105243_zps995bba03.jpg

Belated handmade card from Ah Lyn~! 😀

P.S. In case some of you are wondering about the NDP audition that I attended with Shuning and Chii Hian, that was for another aassociation. After much battling, I have decided to join back to PA.

It’s kinda “fated” because my training has been changed to Wednesday and it clashes with SOKA’s schedule. Mr Lame even added that it’s unlikely for a class to be opened up on another day for the time being, so it ended all my dilemma.

Eric, Jia Jia and etc were all very happy for my ultimate decision, and of course I am also happy to be going back to where I started off from. I definitely can’t bear to leave everyone, especially after the birthday surprise and all the kindness and love they showered on me. So much to be missed~

So as much as I hate breaking promises, I have to this time. And I think now, it doesn’t really matter if I do or not.

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