Tim Ho Wan @ SG!

I wanted to blog this entry after I have blogged my Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan review but that’s all the way on the last day, so it’s gonna be a long wait =/

Well anyhow, I will start off with the Singapore’s Tim Ho Wan review first!
So on the second day when this Michelin star restaurant opens in PS, I actually told the girls that I wanna try that and they really went to queue for it despite of a 90-minute queue! Feeling so pampered! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20130411-WA0001_zps1bfbeab6.jpg

And because I don’t end work that early, they actually went to queue first and sent live updates via the group chat! Haha! ❤❤❤ my cute friends!
 photo IMG-20130411-WA0002_zpsb9e55713.jpg

So by the time I reached, this was the queue and the girls were already the next in the queue!
 photo 20130411_195311_zps51d6ae64.jpg

 photo 20130411_195302_zps81ca09c1.jpg

Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura

With much thanks to them, I was inside Tim Ho Wan without even queuing for 3 minutes! (THANK YOU!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤)
 photo 20130411_200033_zps542208c9.jpg photo 20130411_200106_zpseb438a5a.jpg photo 20130411_200430_zps6c13f7a6.jpg

I only tried 3 dishes – BBQ pork bun, har gow and the osmanthus cake in Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan because it was the last day of my trip and I did not have much money left…haha! So my comparison can only be made for the dishes I have tried~

But some of the items (e.g. 马拉糕) were not available yet while some like carrot cake and osmanthus cake were already sold out x.x
 photo 20130411_200441_zps54977933.jpg photo 20130411_200453_zpsa4409957.jpg

The girls were also rather excited and after queuing for more than an hour, they kept saying, “Must take lots of photos!!!” Hahaha! But Chii Hian’s workplace doesn’t allow her to carry a camera phone, so I took one for her, knowing that she’s dying to take photos inside xD
 photo 20130411_200045_zps4e71bff3.jpg

While waiting for Limin and Abby! (And our food!)
Thank you once again for queuing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe!
 photo 20130411_200519_zpse80d79c6.jpg photo 20130411_200541_zps8dc5a287.jpg

Trying to take a picture together! xD
Chii Hian looks so funny!
 photo 20130411_200617_zps55b93afd.jpg

And here comes our dim sum!!! I will start on those that I have tried in Hong Kong first, which is basically left with the har gow and BBQ pork buns, since the osmanthus cake was sold out =/

Starting with the popular BBQ pork bun, which is like their signature dish~ Most people there ordered this and the 2 girls beside our table even ordered like 7 sets, which means 21 buns!!! They wanted to take away but it’s either they don’t allow that (because they have their own takeaway counter outside), or they ran out of boxes and the girls had to either stuff them down their throats or takeaway in paper bags~

Seeing that there are actually such kiasu people around, I decided to be kiasu as well and order 1 more set for takeaway. And thank goodness I did that because when Shuning and Chii Hian wanted to order for take away during our last order, the BBQ pork buns were SOLD OUT! =OOO
 photo IMG_20130411_202130_zps46564528.jpg

But to be honest, I think that the Hong Kong ones are much better. Even Abby who has tried it in Hong Kong agrees with me that it tasted different, so I really don’t get people who blogged about the same standard or that SG one is even better!

The polo crust is still nice, but filling wise, SG one lacks the “honey flavour” which HK one carries. You can tell which is more appetising by simply looking the comparison.

 photo IMG_20130411_202543_zps160c828e.jpg

SG Tim Ho Wan BBQ pork bun

 photo IMG_20130402_125007_zps8d4694c3.jpg

HK Tim Ho Wan BBQ pork bun

Now the har gow. I don’t remember the Hong Kong ones being so dry. The prawns are supposed to be rather juicy and sweet~ So again, I think Hong Kong ones are better.
 photo IMG_20130411_202258_zps98404a73.jpg

Now it comes to the other dishes which I’m not gonna make any comparisons, but just give my comments (if any).

 photo IMG_20130411_201730_zpscfa38c95.jpg

Spring roll with egg white

It’s quite a unique dish because although the English name says egg white, there’s actually some crab stuff inside. It’s kinda different from the usual turnip filling spring rolls that we have. Shuning personally thinks that this is the best dishes amongst all (:
 photo IMG_20130416_124713_zps40ae4101.jpg

 photo IMG_20130411_201956_zps6baf8868.jpg

Siew Mai

 photo IMG_20130411_202857_zpsd4bd1964.jpg

Chicken feet with black bean sauce =/

 photo IMG_20130411_203155_zps1ada742a.jpg

Beef balls with beancurd skin

I actually forgot to take photo of this beef balls and I already took a bite! Then we quickly placed them back just for me to take a snap…LOL. I even told the girls maybe food bloggers do that too, but we can’t tell xD

We ordered 2 kinds of chee cheong fun (vermicelli roll) – one with pig’s liver, which is listed under their “Heavenly Kings” dishes, and the other with shrimps. I can only say that those who like pig’s liver will like it, but those who don’t like the taste of it like the few of us, you won’t enjoy this “Heavenly Kings” dish =/
 photo IMG_20130411_203315_zps39bf4496.jpg

After finishing our first round, we all actually didn’t feel full so we ordered all the remaining dishes that we did not try (except the rice dishes). But by the time it was already around 9pm I think, so even more dishes were sold out. I pitied those who were behind us in the queue because by the time they get in, so many dishes would have been sold out! =/

Second round of dim sum from whatever that’s left!

 photo IMG_20130411_210633_zpsf8c0b9cd.jpg

Steamed beancurd skin roll with pork and shrimp

 photo IMG_20130411_212307_zps92917a40.jpg

Pork rib with black bean

 photo IMG_20130411_213120_zpsb339e23d.jpg

Fried beancurd skin roll with shrimp

I personally think that this fried beancurd skin roll with shrimp is not bad~ But as for all the other dishes, I really find their so-so. To avoid giving biased opinion, I even surveyed the girls and they also think that it’s nice, but not thatttttt nice to worth the 90 minutes queue~

Kai Bin: Maybe 30 minutes queue is still worth it…

Limin: It’s nice ah~ Of course I don’t get to compare, so I think this is quite nice. But yea…maybe 90-minute is too long because it is not thatttt fantastic yet.

Shuning: I think Swee Choon is same standard as this leh! (LOL!)

But anyhow, I am glad (and proud) that I managed to try and fulfilled my wish of making the comparison! 😀 On just day 2 of the opening some more! Hehe!

 photo PicsArt_1365688797254_zpscac22060.jpg

Our 11 dishes!
(Minus BBQ pork bun close-up, plus 1 more vermicelli roll)

Trying very hard to take a group photo after our meal and ended up cutting faces off…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20130411-WA0003_zpse16b7723.jpg photo IMG-20130411-WA0004_zps1e20b198.jpg

Thank you my girls for fulfilling my wish and thank you for the angbao!!! ❤❤❤
 photo 20130411_214824_zpsd69f802a.jpg

Delivered 1 BBQ pork bun for buddy because the glutton is too busy mugging and is drooling at home as I’m having my THW. Am I the best buddy on earth or what?! HAHAHA! That’s the advantage of staying near me! Come come come~ Everyone, please move over! xD

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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