Wings Night!

MINDS on Saturday and this week, we have revamped the whole project! Instead of the usual art and craft session whereby we provide the residents with the materials, we got them to buy the materials from the mini stall instead! 😀
 photo 20130413_155830_zps641e9f3b.jpg

Price guide!
This is to equip them with the skill of buying things when they are outside~
 photo 20130413_155806_zpsb8bbf050.jpg

Apart from that, we also brought back our food segment and got a few low support residents to prepare the sandwiches for their own tea-break! It’s damn stressful and scary to be given the responsibility of monitoring them cutting apples though =/

 photo IMG_20130413_164937_zps282e9049.jpg

Apples with peanut butter sandwich! Hmmmm…..

Off to town to meet June and thanks to the sudden downpour, I missed my stop. Ended up wasting like 2 hours, with 1 hour sitting at the bus-stop, tearing for reasons that I can’t figure. It’s rather miraculous how the messages came in just at the right timing; it’s as though this guardian angel of mine felt something. But somehow I ended up feeling worse for not being able to be where I truly wanna be. I know, I’m speaking Spanish here.

Anyhow, I’m glad that the night turned out pretty well eventually. Ended up in Clarke Quay! It’s been so long since I stepped into the night life here~
 photo IMG_20130413_215112_zps2536579a.jpg

Settled in Wings because we once vowed that we would go back there and use the money we earned during New Year’s Eve to be served instead! So I finally got to sit inside and enjoy my drinks instead of selling beer! Hahaha!

 photo 20130413_225921_zps13411c8b.jpg

Emo/drunk angmoh~

I also finally met my “future husband” aka June’s son, who is currently working there…hahaha!
So by right, June said we would have ONE round of drinks. But after ordering our first round, she saw this “Buy 3 cocktails and get 1 free” promotion and asked me to order 1 more, so it became TWO rounds of drinks.

 photo IMG_20130413_222005_zps60a31ce6.jpg


 photo IMG_20130413_222926_zps9b913495.jpg


Then the staff came to ask if we want any food and June shamelessly joked, “Free one ah?!” And then the nice guy really got us a bowl of fries! LOL.

After she was done with her 2 rounds, she was like, “Not high at all leh. Let’s order 1 more!” I wanted to get her a flaming lambo or something but she went for 1 big pint of beer in the end. So that was her third round, which finally got her high~

But she still said it’s not enough, so after I came back from the washroom, we were suddenly served with 2 shooters. I thought the staff got the tables wrong and I asked June immediately, “You ordered these???” Then she proudly replied, “YAH?!” –FAINT!

 photo IMG_20130414_002515_zps9d9e2fc3.jpg


We started to get kinda high and crazy and when the funny chef came out to chit-chat with us for a while (he still remembers us!), June actually shamelessly asked for free onion rings this time, saying that I love them! -____-|||

On top of that, she also told the chef about wanting to match-make her son and I. Double -____-|||

June: But you don’t tell Nic! He will be angry!

Chef: Hmmm…okayyyy…I will not say a thing. I promise. I’ll be right back.

Then after like 30 minutes, he really came back with a plate of onion rings for us!!! xDAnd while eating…

Nic: The chef asked if you guys have enough to eat.

Me: Errrr yah, we’re okay.

-5 minutes later-

Chef: So, how did it go?

June: *blur*

Me: *equally blur* Wait, did you just send Nic over to ask us about the food???

Chef: Uh-huh!


So after insisting on 1 more round of white wine, we finally left the bar, high and dry~! It was really quite a crazy night and June even said this is quite fun and that we should have it more often…hahaha! But I do miss this crazy version of her, very much.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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