Durian after practice!

NDP practice on Sunday was rather crazy~ Early dismissal was a complete fat hope and instead, we learned 3 different dances – Chinese, Indian & Hip Hop! But of course I have nothing to complain about as compared to all the trainers who started as early as 9am =/

The Chinese dance was short, but the steps were not that easy to catch for me. And before I even fully absorbed everything, we went on to the Indian dance, which is of course like 439829347 times the speed! Thankfully the steps were quite easy to catch, but just damn fast! (Though quite fun~)

Dinner break! Gave my dinner away even though I wanted the otah badly! Hahaha!
 photo IMG_20130414_180449_zps9e4619dc.jpg

And just when we thought the Indian dance is fast enough, we started learning the Hip Hop dance after the dinner break. That was like another 4398293472334243244 times the speed!!! Seriously could not catch at all! Mad demoralising!!!

And even though I was hiding at the last row, one of my favourite trainers – Steven was constantly watching me and giving me stern stares from the first row. SUPER STRESSFUL!!! I totally just screwed up and after the practice, he even told Kelly that she should give me personal coaching x.x

I can totally understand why Jia Jia is considering to drop out because I had the same thought when I was learning too. I thought maybe if I really can’t catch up eventually, I would just go back to SOKA or if they don’t allow, I will just miss this year’s performance.

But then again, it’s only our first time learning these dances and I believe we still have a long way to go. We shall see how it goes~ Just don’t stress me!!! T.T

Decided to reward ourselves after the practice by having DURIANS! 😀 But because of June’s impromptu decision to join us after work, we brought Eric to 搵到食 to try some dim sum first, while I narrate about my HK trip that he has been waiting to hear~
 photo 20130414_210552_zpsba76cbc1.jpg

 photo IMG_20130414_212341_zps63118744.jpg

Har gow, siew mai & custard buns

All the dim sums have somehow shrunken in size by A LOT and this is how small the custard buns look now! Totally petite! It definitely wasn’t like this the previous time we went -.-”
 photo IMG_20130414_212508_zpsee53494f.jpg

Finally met up with June and off for our long-awaited durian treat! Hehe!

June: (to me) Aiyoh! Why you bring me to Geylang huh!

Me: Eric! Aiyoh! Why you bring us to Geylang huh!


 photo 20130414_222650_zps6d53e365.jpg

For the 4 crazy durian lovers! ❤❤❤

 photo IMG-20130414-WA0002_zpsaea17685.jpg

I’ve been craving for these for the longest time!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo IMG-20130414-WA0003_zpsba1e1159.jpg


(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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