Was suffering from major PMS that I actually broke down for 3 consecutive days. Bitch. I hate it, I hate letting the weak side of me take over. But maybe, you just gotta let it out once in a while.

Definitely felt much better after my Liu Sha Bao lunch (:
 photo IMG_20130415_160957_zps382e3539.jpg

Accompanied June to run some errands – getting her curtains and new work shoes at Toa Payoh and while walking past KOI, she suddenly jumped and said, “OH YAH! I’ve got something for you! KOI! KOI!

At first I thought she was joking and was probably going to pass me some chocolates or display items that are in the shape of Koi fishes or something, but she really dug out a cup of KOI bubble tea for me from her bag! LOL. Like Doraemon!

She koped them from her company’s exhibition earlier on and specially asked for one more for me. Although I seldom drink bubble tea, I still finished it up (except the pearls) because it’s sweet of her to have thought of me ((:
 photo IMG_20130415_200617_zps80d78179.jpg

Ice-cream early in the morning the next day to drive the PMS away~! It’s one of those vouchers again and the cup is rather small, but the nice staff gave me one big scoop that is like double the cup size! Hehehe! 😀
 photo IMG_20130416_115557_zps07e99f30.jpg

The dark chocolate ice-cream lasted me all the way till late afternoon, when I was feeling all nauseous from the car ride to and fro meeting! Thank goodness boss suggested going to Mr. Prata again! I’m not craving for prata this time but I just needed FOOD!!!


What a big Sardine Murtaba! x.x


Satisfied my craving after MONTHS!
Not exactly what I wanted but good enough (:

Finally collected the Chingay tee and once again, we did not manage to get the sizes that we want. It’s so unfair that PA always gives us the left over sizes!!! EVERY YEAR! Who would wear such a pajamas out?!



(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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