Re-exploring Hong Kong Day 5 – Tim Ho Wan!

2 April 2013 (Tuesday)

So I have finally come to the last day of my trip~ You know how you would usually feel on the last day, like “OMG why this trip seemed so short and ended so fast x.x “, but I didn’t really feel this way this time round.

I would say I was rather prepared to go back, because I have managed to cover almost everything in my itinerary (except the food places) and visit places that I want to visit! I basically had no where else to go, except maybe to have one more bowl of mango dessert at 許留山, if I have had enough money T.T

Well anyway, speaking of money, I was really left with around 20 bucks (SGD) and I still have 1 most important place to visit – Tim Ho Wan!!! You just CAN’T miss out on that when you come to Hong Kong and I had been waiting since Day 2 to visit, if not for the closing of the Mongkok outlet!

But at the same time, Sis wanted the pair of shoes that I posted the previous night because she said it’s pretty (HEHE!), and I wanted to get for her too! Sadly, I don’t think there’s such thing as NETS or MasterCard in Argyle Centre =/

I didn’t wanna change more money because I only need like a few bucks more. Then I found my 救星!Ta-duh~!
 photo 20130402_111659_zps17f36dd9.jpg

Damn happy to find a DBS near Prince Edward where I can withdraw just another 100-200 HKD, but my card couldn’t work!!! –CRY!– I actually forgot to re-activate my overseas withdrawal function after DBS has automatically cancelled it for us…Zzzzzz!

So I could only pray that Tim Ho Wan accepts card and then I can save the money to get the pair of shoes for Sis~ Wah..this is starting to sound like some touching《跑吧!孩子》 story…LOL.

Dropped by 金華冰廳 Kam Wah Polo Bun again to get one last polo bun before I left!!! This time round I was damn hungry and could finish it while it’s hot and crispy! SUPER GOOD PLEASE! Missing it already! D:
 photo IMG_20130402_114150_zps574f7d53.jpg

金華冰廳 Kam Wah Polo Bun
G/F, 47 Bute Street
(Prince Edward exit C1)

While searching for the DBS bank, I happened to see this Yee Shun Milk Company nearby on the map and I remember reading about it during my research too. But the review I read mentioned that it’s incomparable with Australian Dairy Company, that’s why I did not include it in my itinerary.
 photo DSCF8293_zps465ed417.jpg

Since it was nearby and I was also dying to have the milk pudding again, I decided to drop by and judge for myself! (:
 photo DSCF8292_zpsf2eab8da.jpg

As compared to Australian Dairy Company, which is perpetually crowded, this is definitely kinda empty =/
 photo DSCF8294_zps433d2a5d.jpg

My milk pudding! I think this is supposed to be what they are well known for, but somehow I still find Australian Dairy Company‘s one better? Maybe I should have ordered the warm one again for a better comparison but this has a stronger milky smell which I dislike. And it’s not cheap lor. This cost me around S$4 and I kinda regretted it. Could have saved the money for my Sis’s shoes >.<
 photo IMG_20130402_115626_zpsc95a5227.jpg

Yee Shun Milk Company 義順牛奶公司
G/F, 246-248 Sai Yeung Choi Street South (Prince Edward)

Set off for my next stop – Sham Shui Po, cause that’s where the next nearest Tim Ho Wan outlet is located! It took me quite a while to find it because I’m not that familiar with the area and the place is a couple of streets away~ Finally spotted the signboard! 😀
 photo DSCF8295_zpsd5c49950.jpg

Look at the crowd!
 photo DSCF8297_zps77da60bd.jpg

Now I understand why my friend told me that One Dim Sum is “not so messy“, because I was stuck amongst the crowd chattering in Cantonese, and I was totally lost! There is no queue and I didn’t know what’s the procedure is like; whether I should get a queue number or something. The staff were also all kinda busy and irritated by customers who keep asking if it’s their turns yet =/

Yea so I just stood there for about 5 minutes to observe, before I finally approached the staff. And then the privilege of being alone again – I skipped the whole queue yet again! It’s really lucky that I did not have to queue for both the Michelin star restaurant…hehehehe.

 photo 20130402_122754-1_zpsc29a89a3.jpg

Tim Ho Wan @ Sham Shui Po!

The interior looks very much like a traditional Chinese restaurant, as compared to One Dim Sum‘s more relaxing kind of environment~
 photo DSCF8299_zps92360e72.jpg photo DSCF8300_zps53241c79.jpg

 photo 20130402_124244_zps8ed104aa.jpg

The updated outlets as of 02.04.2013

I made sure I order within the amount that I can pay for because they don’t accept card! D:
But I wasn’t that hungry after the polo bun and milk pudding anyway~

In order to compare it with One Dim Sum, I ordered the har gow and char siew bun (aka BBQ pork bun in Tim Ho Wan) again! The har gow here also has a generous filling of big juicy prawns and it was definitely good! But they are sooooo sweet that I find it a little “artificial“, so I would still prefer One Dim Sum‘s for this dish (:
 photo IMG_20130402_124411_zpsa119dbce.jpg

Now here comes Tim Ho Wan‘s signature dish – the BBQ pork buns! They are served in 3s and at first I was afraid that I can’t finish them, but it’s like a must-try and I didn’t wanna miss it!
 photo IMG_20130402_124820_zpsf40176b0.jpg

In the end, I gobbled all 3 up! They were so so so good!!! They called it “蜜汁 something something” in Chinese and you could really taste the honey flavoured pork inside!

Together with the crispy polo bun crust, it was a perfectttttttt combination! The crust and the filling just compliment each other and this definitely beat One Dim Sum‘s traditional char siew pau (and SG’s Tim Ho Wan) hands down ! ↘(^▽^)↘
 photo IMG_20130402_125007_zps8d4694c3.jpg

The last dish that I ordered was a dessert – Osmanthus Cake. Actually I ordered it because I remember that it’s nice when I had it during Crystal Jade‘s xiao long bao buffet the other time, but it turned out that this is also one of their signature dishes! Nice! (:
 photo IMG_20130402_125327_zpseacc469e.jpg

Tim Ho wan
9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po

The meal cost me around 10 bucks (if I remember correctly) and that left me with less than 7 bucks, definitely not enough to get the shoes for Sis! But of course I had already thought of a plan…hehe!

I went to refund my Octopus card after I got back to Mongkok and got back the deposit plus balance! So in the end, I had enough to get the shoes for Sis and also a polo bun back for my pig brother! 😀 Happy happy~!

It started raining and I had actually packed my umbrella into my luggage, so I basically braced through the drizzle and walked 1 station to get the bun for him. In the end, I even got lost somehow and my whole map and itinerary was WET! Tsk. Best Sis on earth or what!

And after collecting my baggage from Dragon Hostel, the rain got heavier! I had no choice but to walk quickly in the rain with my luggage, big backpack, and my silly bolster because I seriously have no hand left for umbrella! In the end, I even went to the wrong bus-stop and made a detour! Super 狼狈!D:

Finally got on to the bus! On the way to airport~
 photo IMG_20130402_164635_zpsd4328bae.jpg

This time round I remember to keep HKD 33 for the bus fare! What’s remaining are all here~
 photo IMG_20130402_163548_zps7c01990f.jpg

Reached the airport in about 45 minutes and while queuing to check in, I overheard this girl saying that the flight is delayed for 2 hours! The NIGHTMARE of budget airline came true?! Started to worry because I was planning to avoid the midnight cab fare, plus I only have like S$2+ to survive in the airport!!!

In the end, it wasn’t my flight lah =/
Phew~! Got my boarding pass! Hehe!
 photo 20130402_175451_zps46cd679e.jpg

I thought I would still have time to walk around but in the end, my boarding gate was soooo far away! I had to take a train to T1 and then take a shuttle bus again to my boarding gate! -___-“Luckily I still managed to get some last minute 老婆饼 using my card!

By the time I reached the gate, it was already the final call for passengers for my flight =/
I definitely don’t want the Korea trip horror to repeat itself!

 photo DSCF8303_zpse946be21.jpg

In the flight!

I was sharing my row with this Hong Kong girl who also seemed to be travelling alone (to Singapore) and we had an empty seat between us! Extra space to put our stuff and kiao kah! Hehehe! Super shiok to be able to sit with my legs up on the chair!

It was so cold that I decided to order some Campbell soup to keep myself warm~
 photo DSCF8304_zps096fd93c.jpg

Finally landed in Singapore before 11pm and I was definitely tired! @.@
Cabbed home right away and KO-ed right away~ Did not even bother to unpack my luggage (usually I have the urge to do it immediately)!

And yes, I successfully smuggled my silly bolster back! HEHEHE! 😀
 photo C360_2013-04-02-23-34-15_zpsa02d173a.jpg

It has been a great trip, I would say. Of course this trip is not so much about visiting fun places and have crazy experiences, but more of a relaxing own-time-own-target trip to shop and eat, and to experience this solitude. I actually didn’t really feel like I was in a foreign place, and neither was there a moment when I feel lonely. I was getting really comfortable shopping till my last cent and exploring good food every day, meeting new people and discovering new things at my own pace.

I wouldn’t say this is better than travelling with companions, (I wouldn’t say the otherwise too) but it’s just a whole different kind of feeling. I had to be entirely independent during this whole trip, and that definitely trained me up. One thing for sure, I think my map-reading skill has improved tremendously after this trip…haha!

I know many gave me the reaction and frown when I said I’m gonna travel alone, over my birthday, and some just cannot comprehend why would someone wanna travel alone in the first place. But precisely, why would someone? It is not a common thing that I would do or how the usual holiday trips are like, which is what makes it an experience.

If you live your entire life sticking to the norm, you will not be able to fully understand the meaning of EXPERIENCE. If a bird sits in the nest the whole day, it would not be able to soar high enough to see what it has been missing out.

Experience is not just about the number of years you have been in a job field, but also the number of times you have tried something different, something out of the norm and something out of your usual practice. Good or bad, it’s still an experience.

A life without adventurous experiences is not a life of an Aries. So on my 24th birthday, I just want to do something different, with my own money, with my own strength. And I am glad that it has really been a good experience; it’s probably something that I would want to do again. Till then (:
 photo 20130402_175534_zps43d168b6.jpg

P.S. For those who are interested in visiting any of the places I listed, I have uploaded my itinerary (with maps) to my Google drive and you can download it here. There are some food places that I skipped because I was too full, but they are all recommended places that you can try (:




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  1. “If you live your entire life sticking to the norm, you will not be able to fully understand the meaning of EXPERIENCE. If a bird sits in the nest the whole day, it would not be able to soar high enough to see what it has been missing out.”

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