Simple SaturDAY; Crazy SaturNIGHT!

Mixed feeling for this week’s MINDS! Was half looking forward to it because my team is the one planning this week’s project (it’s my first time!) but at the same time, half “kan chiong” because we merely talked about the plan, there’s no preparation done at all! =/

Everyone was busy making money when I reached! And I mean literally “making money” – cutting, pasting on vanguard sheet (for better quality), making them double-sided and etc~
 photo 20130420_154739_zpsd40b31c7.jpg

Because during last week‘s project, we started getting the residents to “buy” their own art and craft materials, and to make it more realistic this week, we decided to use “real” money! “Real” in the sense of real-looking aka specimens (:
 photo 20130420_154756_zps08911794.jpg

 photo 20130420_154751_zps7c1bed20.jpg

Double-sided coins!

 photo 20130420_154809_zps060a22d9.jpg

Specimen notes! xD

很用心吧~ But the preparation was kinda last minute and I somehow had a bad feeling, like we would screw up this week’s project or something. We really did not have time to discuss anything as we were overrunning and many of our teammates were also having exams or involved in other stuff, so it was left with a few of us to really run the project =/

Anyhow, we basically had a mini funfair which aims to equip the residents with skills like purchasing their own tea break snacks, food preparation (+ hygiene), selling (+ courtesy) and calculation!

So the residents were split into 3 groups – 1 for purchasing and preparing the food items, 1 for making the signboards and preparing the stalls, and the last group, which consists mainly the lower support residents, were in-charge of learning how to use calculators so that they can be the cashiers! (:

I was in-charge of bringing 4 high support residents (the ones requiring higher support) out to the supermarket nearby to get the food items – Ribena, biscuit, jam & Apollo cakes, along with 3 other volunteers! Yay~! I love outings, so do the residents! Hehe!

Everything went very well and I was surprised because I was still afraid that they would start grabbing things that they want in the supermarket, but they were all very obedient, only putting the things that I told them to put in the basket! 😀

Then each of them carried 1 item back and it’s really cute to see the way they carried them! I have never seen anyone carrying Ribena with so much pride and caution! Hahaha!

 photo 20130420_163512blur_zpse9909575.jpg

Waiting for 1 more resident with mobility problem~

My cute residents posing for the camera! 😀
Too bad I have to blur their faces to protect their identities, but they are really really cuteee!
 photo IMG_20130420_1_zps79a0340d.jpg

But that’s not the end of their mission yet, because they are also in-charge of preparing the food, which is to spread the jam on the biscuits!

It may seems like a simple task to us, but to them, it would require some time and effort. A few were too stingy with the jam, while some were overly generous with it…haha! But either way, they made it! (:

 photo IMG_20130420_171658_zps5ac41c57.jpg

Ready for sale! 😀

 photo 20130420_172911_zps05ff7eb8.jpg

Selling the tea break snacks~

 photo 20130420_172901blur_zpsc78bcebc.jpg

Paying at the cashier! Hehe!

So our mini funfair project actually went pretty smoothly and it was kinda a new experience for the residents, instead of the usual weekly art & craft and games (:

 photo 20130420_173042_zps54f6e47d.jpg

Happily enjoying their snacks and drinks!

Just when the project ended, one of the residents even came over to shake my hand, before going round to shake other volunteers’ hand. It’s such a simple act but that’s enough to make you realise that they do appreciate all the efforts and most importantly, they have enjoyed this week’s project! (((((((:

Decided to join the other volunteers for dinner after that since I have nothing on and it’s actually my first time doing so. YH was so surprised that he kept bugging me for 4 numbers to buy 4D -___-|||

It’s like a weekly routine for the whole big group of them to hang out together after the project for dinner and some games but I usually leave right after the project. Super anti-social…hahaha!

Well, I’m glad that I have joined because it was definitely a good bonding session with them (:
A simple yet fulfilling Saturday~ Then off for my impromptu crazy SaturNIGHT!

Went down to town to fetch Mummy June from work first before heading down to Carlton Hotel to join Kelly and her 2 girlfriends at Gravity Bar! It was my first time there and it’s quite a quiet bar, but not with our arrival, of course…hahaha!
 photo 20130420_222522_zpsad68a63c.jpg

 photo IMG_20130420_222115_zps5e1ac15a.jpg

Red wine!

 photo 920664_10151648116522664_2003658851_o_zps7960a850.jpg

Cheers~! 😀

Finished the bottle of red wine and the ladies decided to head down to Clarke Quay’s Café Iguana for some Margaritas! Again, it was my first time there! Sua gu much! >.<

 photo IMG_20130420_234836_zpsb37d0596.jpg

Pink guava Margarita & Chocolate shots!


June: *ordering* 1 jug of pink guava Margarita and 5 Chocolate shots.

Kelly: 4! 4! I don’t want the shots. I kanna sabo last week already; I don’t like (the taste of) it.

Me: Then can I don’t want the shots also? =/

June: Aiyah you just keep quiet and drink. 4 Chocolate shots.


 photo IMG-20130421-WA0003_zpsf008c22c.jpg

Cheers to the ladies’ night~!

The chocolate shot was erm… very chocolatey~
Somehow I just think alcohol and chocolate shouldn’t come together =/
 photo 902352_10151648117252664_1539618076_o_zps34c48088.jpg

Had so much crazy laughter there and because we were all having such a good time, June decided to order 1 more jug! She was definitely getting high, while my eyes were starting to shut after 1am @.@

Left the place after our second round and dropped by Wings to say Hi to everyone and also bid one of the staff farewell~ Cabbed back alone after that because everyone else stays at another area and I was way too sleepy to take night rider! =/

2 consecutive Saturdays in Clarke Quay! And I KO-ed right after again~

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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