Belated Birthday Celebration! :D

Happy Thursday started off with this cute angmoh kid on the bus! He was so happily singing his nursery rhymes away that when he caught me smiling at him, he smiled back and continued singing merrily! He was just so engrossed in his songs and it’s so cuteeee~! 😀
 photo IMG_20130502_121604_zpse5e28013.jpg

Finally met up with the bitches after 3 months and all the postponement~ But instead of going to any fancy restaurant, we settled for 313 food court instead. Partly because no one really wants to decide on the place, and also everyone gets to choose their own kind of cheap and good food at the food court! Hehe.

I was trying to capture how Siew Eng got “kidnapped” by Gek Peng, who was sai nai-ing the whole night for us to be the videographers and editor for her wedding video, but it turned out to look like those 卖淫行动 kind of photos…LOL!
 photo 20130502_210142_zpsc9f89c00.jpg

Everyone was so scared to sit beside her after that, except Colin, who is on the safe zone due to his “sloppy attitude“! I never knew sloppiness has its benefit one day…hahahaha!

Anyway, it’s not that we don’t wanna help her. As friends, we are definitely the 有求必硬 kind. But because it’s a WEDDING, and more importantly, a friend’s wedding, you really don’t wanna screw it up =/

So halfway through all these sai nai-ing, Siew Eng suddenly brought out a cake from her bag! Awwwwww~~~ I was still kidding that she gotta celebrate for all of us because she’s the only one whose birthday is not over yet and she really did! Haha!
 photo IMG_20130502_211827_zps15bf2031.jpg

And what surprised us even more was when Colin suddenly popped this big lighter out of nowhere…LOL!!!
 photo 20130502_211803_zpsabb72c7e.jpg

He actually borrowed it from one of the stalls when he pretended to go get a drink! And none of us actually suspected or noticed anything…hahahaha!
 photo 20130502_211818_zpsb046256f.jpg

 photo IMG_20130502_211854_zps7458f405.jpg

Happy belated Birthday to US! 😀

 photo 20130502_212120_zpsf081085a.jpg

Thank you thank you thank you! ❤❤❤

Last year it was a combined celebration for Colin, Gek Peng and I, and this year it’s for Gek Peng, Xuannie and I! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20130502-WA0015_zps96973ea8.jpg

 photo IMG-20130502-WA0011_zpsc8ea7ac7.jpg

Happy Birthday to 大家 again! 😀

Gek Peng was making wishes about her wedding video, that’s why Xuannie and I were giggling away! LOL!
 photo IMG-20130502-WA0007_zpscd9af928.jpg

 photo IMG-20130502-WA0012_zps23b61a5e.jpg

The 74 years old!

And then Xuannie got kidnapped next! LOL. So she started all the sai nai-ing all over again~~~
 photo 20130502_212947_zps4bdbb359.jpg

Then we realised a trick – she would act normal when there is camera pointing at her!
 photo IMG-20130502-WA0006_zps8e88b7f8.jpg

 photo 20130502_213204_zpsca9e7064.jpg

Acting super calm and innocent! LOL.

Hence, we started this crazy camera war!!!
 photo IMG-20130502-WA0021_zps5b3c693a.jpg photo IMG-20130502-WA0017_zpsd8ed6a43.jpg

I think we were like the last to leave the food court! Haha!
Group shots before parting~! (:
 photo IMG-20130502-WA0002_zps06b16e48.jpg

 photo IMG-20130502-WA0003_zps45e5fbe4.jpg

Tay Yixuan trying to destroy my bunny ears!!!

 photo IMG-20130502-WA0013_zps8235fe33.jpg

Last shot before we all fled~!

 photo IMG_20130502_204129_zps1a71d2e6.jpg

Taiwan gifts from Siew Siew! 😀

And then Friday night was a butt-aching night trying to learn how to cycle! 3 coaches coaching me, or rather, accompanying me, because they said cycling is more of learning it on your own, which I agree~

So most of the time they would wait in front and wait for me, while I kept trying and trying on my own. They would correct me occasionally and give me advices, or think of new ways that might help me (which are usually useless ways)…LOL.

It was kinda on and off; sometimes I catch it, sometimes I don’t again. But the guys kept claiming that my bike is really too difficult to control. Even Shrine couldn’t control when he tried, so it would be even harder for me =/

Finally taking a break because we were all thirsty!!!
 photo 20130503_231742_zps84cd6551.jpg

I was really determined to get it right! Even when my hands were red and hurting from gripping the handle too tightly, my butt was aching because of the seat, and my shirt was totally soaked with sweat, I did not wanna give up~

At the end of the whole 2-3 hours, I finallyyyyyy managed to paddle like at least 5-6 cycles and then I reached the end of the path, so I gotta brake -___- Sigh~ So in the end, I don’t even know if I have mastered it. Gui said I have more or less gotten it, but it’s just the bike problem. I really hope so, if not I’m like wasting all their time D:


Whahahahaha~ So me!


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