Ryder’s Full Month!

想到红鸡蛋,就想到满月!想到满月,就想到 baby!
 photo IMG_20130504_151852_zps3a9dfb9d.jpg

And yes! So who is this cute little baby boy here?
 photo IMG_20130504_144550_zps1715876e.jpg

It’s none other than our 小师弟 – Ryder! Our shifu – Lewis has become a daddy! 😀

 photo 20130504_140110_zps731511a7.jpg

Kaypoh-ing shifu’s conversation with us~

As expected, shifu started nagging and rushing me to find boyfriend again -.- Extra stress coming from Gek Peng’s upcoming big day~ He even admitted that every time he sees me, he would nag about the same thing, saying that that’s why the last time I met him was like … almost 3 and a half years ago! Hahahaha!

Rushed off for MINDS shortly after because it’s supposed to be my team executing this week’s project again! We had the same thing as 2 weeks ago, which is money-handling and getting the residents to buy and prepare own tea break snacks! (:

Again, I was in-charge of bringing the residents out to get the snacks~ Then time to prepare the biscuits for sale again! Hehe!

 photo 20130504_163937_zps3a350887.jpg

We made some improvements according to feedback and problems encountered the previous time and I think everything went much smoother this time!

 photo 20130504_165950_zpsec0e9d6a.jpg

Leftover from sale~

Visited Hougang 1 to kill time and it turned out to be such a sad place. Only 2 levels with the top level being occupied by NTUC -.-”

Back to AMK and then slacked at buddy’s house~ Wanted to continue with the cycling before I lose my momentum, but my butt was still aching from the previous night and I just don’t know if I will ever get it right with the wrong bike. Don’t wanna waste anymore of the guys’ time x.x

Was actually looking forward to a good Saturday night few days ago but everything was ruined with just 1 word – “released”. I never knew such a simple word or even a word like “dismissed” (e.g. I got dismissed from school at 1pm today) can be such a taboo word. I just find it real hard to communicate with over-sensitive people. And this is so true, no matter how much you have done for someone, sometimes they will all be forgotten, just because of 1 word. I guess I really need to stop wasting my time and effort on people who don’t appreciate. But that’s my weakness.

(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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